Friday, January 04, 2008


I made quite a few of Emily Parson's Market Bags as Christmas gifts, but never made one for myself. So, yesterday afternoon I decided my knitting needed a new home. I customized Emily's pattern a bit; making a wider gusset and putting a lot of pockets in one side of the lining. I also added a big old button on the front (and yes, it is an old button!) and a self-fabric loop closure, just to keep my friskier balls of yarn from getting away. Here it is:

We've been in the car much of the afternoon, and I am pleased to report that the bag works well, and not one single ball of yarn has escaped!

C and I have been appliance shopping today. So many decisions to make: I'm glad we're not building an entire house, and also that we're keeping my beloved Thermador range. Fridges are a wonderment to me! We just purchased a new one about five years ago, but they've come a long way since then Baby. I'm getting one wall oven, so that after all these years I'll finally have two ovens, counting the one in my range. We'll have a new, built-in microwave; plus a brand spanking new range hood, sexy, isn't it:

Last night I knit on my socks and C and I watched The Big Lebowski - AGAIN - but, hey Dude, it's one of our favorite movies! We're just crazy about the Coen brothers. Barker sometimes naps, but occasionally gets to chuckling too. Here he is in one of his more comfy poses:

What's this I'm hearing about Huckabee???? Are you serious Iowa????????????????????????????????????????????????