Saturday, January 05, 2008


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh: my haircuttress, the wonderful Cindy, is back from her holiday in Cozumel! <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>! So I got some new lites and a brand new do this afternoon! Voila:

I never realized just how challenging it is to take one's very own pic...try it sometime! And just when you think you're comfortable taking a full face view, try snapping one of the back of your head!

I like my new style and hope that it will be very easy to manage!

GREAT FIND: As we were driving around town this morning doing some errands, we came across a "Free Stuff" sign on the sidewalk next to a church. We were actually stopped at a red light, so I got to browse the sidewalk contents, and there right before my eyes was a cute little dorm-sized fridge! Just what I'd been looking for, but never dreaming of finding one FREE! So, it will go home to my studio! YIPPEEE!

GREAT FLIC: This evening we went to see "Juno", a very funny movie that is both thought-provoking and poignant. I absolutely loved the credit part at the beginning (sort of like a long and cute Claudine Hellmuth collage) and the soundtrack is extremely catchy. C and I agreed that we will have to get the dvd from Netflix when it comes out, because there are so many funny lines in the flic that you cannot possibly absorb them all the first time around. If you haven't yet seen Juno, grab your sweetie by the hand, and a few tissues in your other hand, and head out to the nearest cinema where it is now showing. You won't be disappointed!



Gerrie said...

You are one lucky lady - finding a free fridge.

I like your do.

People always tell me to smile when I show a self portrait. I find it very difficult to smile when I am taking my own photo. You did good.

claudine hellmuth said...

you came up in my google alterts and now I have to see that movie! :)

Joyce said...

Nice haircut. I haven't been to a hairdresser for years and years. My DD cuts off the split ends once in awhile and that's it. Explains my lack of style. Lol. I have been looking for a free store or garage "sale" for ages. Lucky you on finding free stuff.

Amelia Laney said...

Juno is definitely one of my new favorite movies now! I loved it. It just made me really happy!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Very nice haircut...and self pic. I've tryed it too and it's not easy. I've taken the photo of my self in my profile at my blog.


English Maestra said...

i like the haircut altho i want to see it in person. when will i see it?

PaMdora said...

Love your new do. I just got mine cut and feel like I lost ten pounds :)