Wednesday, January 09, 2008


As my cyber buddy Gerrie so eloquently put it a few weeks ago: "I got a code in my node".

I'd been feeling a bit puny for several days and then yesterday it kind of hit me full force, like a ton of bricks or better yet: a Mack truck. YIKES! I spent the morning with our cabinet man and contractor, measuring our existing kitchen and breakfast room, discussing options, making a few changes to the kitchen designer's plans, etc. It's exciting, but I'm not feeling up to the task right about now.

I have decided to lay real low today, nursing my code and not spreading the germs all over town. A few things on my agenda:

1. read more appliance reviewss on GardenWeb (thanks Rayna)

2. work on a quilt that has a deadline looming

3. play with another quiltlet or two that are more fun

4. not feel guilty about no exercise and relatively little productivity

I read Cat Nilan's blog with great interest and am seriously considering the nasal douche (ummmm, irrigation, pardon me!) option...the neti pot looks cool doesn't it? but I don't know that I can wait for one to arrive. I may just have to use the more practical Pyrex measuring cup! So many decisions, so little time!



Joyce said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I wonder about a pyrex measuring cups up the nose though. Lol. Thanks for sending me the award. I'm still being lazy about nominating anyone else. Most of the blogs I read have already been nominated.

Karen Hall said...

Feel better soon Judy,

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Sorry to hear that you not are feeling well.
Check this web site:

It's a nasal irrigator that I use when I have a cold and have problems with my nose and sinuses. I have bought mine at the pharmacy here in Sweden. Perhaps your pharmacies have these Nasaline irrigators too.

Hope you will recover soon!


Vicki W said...

The neti pot is quite gross but I'm here to tell you that it's the best sinus treatment ever! I've use it to help control my allergies and to relieve congestion. I don't get sinus infections any more either.

Gerrie said...

The saline rinse has kept me from sinus infections for about 6 months now. I truly believe in it. As soon as I feel the crud, I start rinsing.

Hope you feel better soon. I am crappy, but it is just things in my life.

Rayna said...

I went through the code thing a few wks ago - just before my mother got pneumonia (I hope I didn't give it to her).

Just spoke to my contractor; the electrician's bill adds $$$$ to the job - once he saw what he has to do.
And we're not out of the woods yet!
Now we're looking at starting at the end of this month. No way am I ready!
Feel better soon, oh queen of the sinus infection.

Karoda said...

definitely diss the guilt and take a few days devoted to resting and healing, afterall, you are your bestest thing ;)