Friday, February 15, 2008

Belated Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday morning dawned as one of the coldest thus far in 2008 in Atlanta! Barker Baby needed his early morning walk, but we persuaded him to hold off until about 8:00 AM when it was a balmy 24 with a wind chill of 12! It was pretty brutal walking into the wind on Juniper Street. It warmed up rather rapidly and by mid afternoon it was around 60, which made for a nice Valentine's Day afternoon. Looking out the front door of our present condo at the Tuscany, I snapped this photo of our future unit at the Metropolis:

We are so excited about it! Our contract has been accepted and we will meet the inspector there next Thursday, to check off that minor hurdle on our way toward closing.

C and I both had appointments with our Atlanta Dermatologist yesterday afternoon. The lovely Katarina Chiller is one of the bright spots in my life (no pun intended - follow the link and you'll understand why!), and I think that says a lot for a Dermatological Plastic Surgeon! She does the most fabulous work and she is just a delight to be around! We headed back home to Gainesville, in order to meet our friends Bill and Elizabeth for a delightful dinner and show at the Black Bear Dinner Theater in Helen, Georgia. What a fun time we had! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!

We had been so busy all day, that we had never had a chance to exchange our Valentines! I got C a black leather Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag, to replace the rapidly destructing canvas one I had given him years ago. He volunteers as treasurer for several organizations around town, and was in desperate need of something sturdy and handsome to hold all of his paperwork. He was very pleased! And the old saying, "wonderful things arrive in small packages" is the understatement concerning his little Valentine to me:

My new iPod nano is just a darling little delight and what a replacement for what must have been my very first generation iPod of old!

We arrived home to find that the plumber had spent the day at our house, installing the lines for our new sinks:

The crew is taking the day off, and the electrician, heat man, and tile man will be here Monday morning. I am glad to have the house to myself for a few days! C and I are very private people and it is truly draining on us to have folks around the house all day long.

Hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day wherever you may be! How did you spend your day?


Joan suggested that I keep my meds by my bedside so that I wouldn't forget to take them, and I really appreciated that thought. However, most must be taken with meals or a full glass of water, so that doesn't work. I think the "problem" I am having is that our meals are so scattered due to the reno job, that I just don't have a good routine, and I am a creature of habit! So, I am becoming increasingly aware of my meals and the addition of the meds at that time. Today is a great day, so I am optimistic that I am well on my way to a full recovery.........and I thank you all for your concerns and well wishes!

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Gerrie said...

I hope that you can get the sinus crud under control. I am doing so well, but I am almost afraid to say it out loud. The 24° temp can't help. I do not envy you the upheaval going on in your lives - every where. I think when we have our master bath done that it will be even worse because that is my private area - the master bed and bath. At least I will be able to cook meals.