Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Went to bed with the beginning of another sinus headache last night, and it was worse yet this morning! The crew arrived bright and early and began tearing out the hard wood flooring: YIPPEE!!!! Bill, the lighting man, and Ron and Doug, the electricians, arrived promptly at 9:00. Bill is very good at what he does, and fortunately he was in and out of my kitchen in about 15 minutes. I spent a few more minutes with the electricians and then waddled back to bed until sometime after noon. When will this sinusitis/vertigo ever end? Of course, I can only blame myself this time, since I totally forgot to take my Mucinex and Motrin last night! How could I do that????? Regrettably, I had to cancel lunch with Joani: a meeting that we both really needed. I hope we can reschedule soon.

Here's today's pics:

I am really loving it, and the construction part hasn't even begun yet. Royce, the cabinet man came by this afternoon and drew on the floor and walls where all of the cabinets and appliances will be placed. He loves the floorplan too and says the new kitchen will be so easy to work in.

The cabinets are scheduled to arrive on the 26th, and the templates for the countertops will be drawn on the 27th, the same day the appliances are scheduled to arrive and we close on the Atlanta condo. This is actually happening!

no comments yesterday? does that mean you all are bored to tears with this reno business?



Nellie's Needles said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Don't stop with the reno reports. Can't wait to see it all come together. Reading your and Rayna's posts about your getting new kitchen experiences is as good as watching HGTV.

Anonymous said...

I'm not board at all, love the pics, I'm just envious, One day we will build our house, if I live that long. Sorry about your illness, maybe if you leave your meds by your bedside you will remember to take them all of the time. Take care, Joan