Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life is Good!

[Surprisingly enough, I've lived a charmed life today, and all four of these pics will enlarge!]

C and I came home from Atlanta this afternoon. I want to thank everyone who posted well wishes for my surgery. It all went very smoothly and I am pretty much pain free. My Doc has instructed me not to do any heavy lifting or exercising for a couple of weeks, which puts a bit more work on C, but he is more than happy to accommodate my needs. I can walk, and since we all love to walk, that is no problem! We stopped by my Mom's skilled care home this afternoon and sadly found that her roommate is down and out with the flu. Mom stays out of the room as much as she can, but she and her roommate adore each other, and they try to help each other as much as possible, so Mom is torn. There are three residents in this facility with the flu, and there are signs on all of the entry doors that warn visitors to enter only if it is an emergency.

Here is a definite harbinger of Spring:

I think this must be a hybrid crested dwarf iris. The bulbs came as freebies the first year we were in this house, and I was amazed when they bloomed in February. They are spreading, slowly but surely, and give me great delight every time I see them. The blossoms only last a day, so you've gotta be on your toes this time of year! LOL

Here's another view of these sweeties:

I had never seen Mahonia until we moved to northeast Georgia. I love this plant!! This particular Mahonia resides in my pool patio garden and was covered up by overgrown Azaleas until we cut everything back last summer. If you are not familiar with Mahonia, those yellow "blossoms" will turn dark blue/purple as the year progresses and the birds love them!

We have Mahonia growing wild all over our yard, and each and every plant gives me joy!

And lastly, here is one of our heads of broccoli, gone to flower:

I was a bit disappointed that the head did not mature until after the kitchen renovation began, thus making it next to impossible to prepare it for dinner! I suppose we could have eaten it raw with a dip, but I was too busy with other things! I do love the flowers.



Terry said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. Take care of yourself!

Did you know that Mahonia is also called Oregon Grape and is the state flower of Oregon. I love it too and featured it in a postcard sized piece last year. It's on my blog here:

Gerrie said...

Hey! Good to see you posting and enjoying some outdoor time.

Did you ever get an answer about the circle screen print on Complex Cloth cause I can guess how it was done.