Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dyeing: Another Day

This lovely Cyber Fyber postcard was in the mailbox when we arrived home on Sunday afternoon. Susan Lenz had sent it in exchange for the one I sent her last week:

C and I spent yesterday morning with the lighting man, trying to find just the right lights to hang over our new island. We aren't particularly pleased with any that we saw, so we will look further in Atlanta this next weekend. Not much to show in the kitchen, unless of course you are really into sheet rock. I had thought that the cabinets were arriving today (Tuesday), but alas it is Thursday: another "T" day! I am waiting for the guys to show up to put down a layer of plywood, and then the tileman will put down his wonderboard.

I dyed the tee below a year or two ago, and simply did a low emersion technique with a red/orange. At the time, I thought it was pretty special, but recently I decided it was pretty darned boring. Yesterday I was dyeing a few things, so I got out the discharge paste and a fern stamp and went to town. Better:

I think I will play around with it some more this afternoon, but first a have one project to complete indoors. We were awakened to the weather radio alarm blaring in our ears this morning. Since our little town of Gainesville, GA was nearly destroyed by tornadoes back in '36, we take weather radio alarms quite seriously. As it turned out, we were under a severe thunderstorm warning for the next few hours. Barker was beside himself when the thunder began. C got up and went out to read. I snoozed in bed for another hour, occasionally waking to the rumble of the thunder. My shoulder improves daily and I am eternally grateful!

Here are a few shots of my old/new cabinets out in my dyeing studio:

I think the pool noodles add a bit of charm, don't you???

Below is my free mini fridge, which runs like a charm, plus my rocket steamer in various sections:

We can't quite figure out what happened to that missing cabinet door, but without it I am able to store my mini ironing board in that little cubby.

My work table is in the middle of the floor and then against the far wall is my ironing surface and my batiking area, which is on wheels and has its own electrical outlets. It is actually a reclaimed/recycled saw table from our neighbor Wyatt. It has a great shelf underneath where I can store extra soy wax and carpet padding.

these photos actually enlarge (can you believe it?), in case you want to look a little deeper!



PaMdora said...

It's fun to see where you work!

Carol said...

I'm fascinated to see your studio - to have the space for everything is wonderful! So pleased to hear your shoulder is doing well. We too had a major storm last night with lightning and thunder crashing right overhead and I really felt for all the dogs and cats who would have been terrified. Hugs to Barker. XO

Gerrie said...

Wow! What a great studio, with all the amenities, you have! When we lived in NC, I was a trembling ball of fear when we got the severe weather warnings.

Karoda said...

Your dye space is wild and wonderful! It just invites play!

Congrats on all the house/real estate happenings too!