Sunday, February 10, 2008

What'll Ya Have?

Both C and I are exhausted! We met Michael, our realtor, yesterday morning at 9:30 AM and started looking at condos. We walked around Midtown and saw a total of 6 condos, finishing up our time together at about 1:30 PM. I was scheduled to teach a short class at Intown Quilters in the afternoon, and we all needed to get home and walk our doggies! Michael thought it would be nice to see the views from our prime interests that evening, so we agreed to meet up again at 6:30. C and I invited K and D to join us, and they did. Being engineers, they see things totally differently than we do, and they have lived in the city longer than we have, so they are a bit more "streetwise" and savvy. They had lots of great input and were very instrumental in our decision-making. Boy it's nice to have grown-up children!!!

Here is player number one and it's view from the 14th floor. If you look real carefully you can see Stone Mountain, right smack dab in the middle of the window to the right of the lamp. Piedmont Park is off to the left and the Midtown residential neighborhood is off to the right. (Our current condo complex is the tile-roofed development in the foreground.)

And below is the same view last eveing, just after the sun had set. We are looking east. Robin, that's the Piedmont & 10th intersection all lit up on the left.

This is option number two, on the 17th floor of the same building, so virtually the same view just a bit highter:
And here it is at night:

Both of these are corner units, with the livingroom and diningroom windows facing east, and the kitchen windows facing north. All of the windows are floor to ceiling. The patios, which are very small, are on the north side of the building.

This is the view from option number three, on the 7th floor of a different condominium.

All three units face east, just at different elevations and are within a block of our current unit. This last condo development is a much smaller "boutique" style condominium, with fewer units. All three have underground parking, a consierge, and were constructed within the last 5 years, meaning granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, newer styled windows, etc. and all have pools, gyms, dog walking areas, etc.

We discussed the pros and cons of our final contenders over dinner at Zocalo's, also within walking distance of "home", and then parted company: the kids going out dancing with friends and the old folks going home to bed! C and I slept fitfully and while walking Barker this morning, we thought we had come to a final decision. One of the units was having an open house this afternoon, so C and I decided to go back for one more peek. We met up with Michael at his office, also within walking distance, and wrote up a contract. I'm not telling you which one is top contender, so I'm eager to hear what you think! I'll let you know how it goes!

We are back home, eagerly awaiting phase two of the kitchen demolition, which will begin bright and early tomorrow morning. C and I think we have chosen our floor tiles, so now it's on to light fixtures. Phew!!! Interestingly enough, Rayna's kitchen demo began last Friday too, and our former cabinets are all vintage 70s! I think her new appliances will be much more grand than mine, but if mine were too ritzy, I'd be expected to turn out a lot of good meals....and Lord knows that's not going to happen anytime soon!! LOL

Hope you had a great weekend. It was warm and sunny here, as you could see, with high temps in the mid 60s in the city.

as for my title, "What'll Ya Have?": that's what the waiters ask when they take your order at the Varsity, another adventure in Atlanta "fine dining".



Nellie's Needles said...

I vote for #3. With all this going on, when do you find time to create?

Eva Hagbjärn said...

If it was me I would have taken number 3. I have giddiness, so I want to be as near the ground as possible.
I think you chose number 3.


Carol said...

I don't know. They all sound wonderful to me, here in my tiny unit, piles of books all around me and no space for anything. And what views they all have! I'll have to look up Atlanta so I have more idea of where you live. XX

Gerrie said...

If I could afford a second home, I would be happy with any one of them. But I think you chose #3. That would be my first choice.

Rayna said...

Hey, Judy!
1) Gerrie thinks we're having a race. See my blog for today's installment.
How did you make out?
2) Marty and I would have nervous breakdowns in those 17th & 14th floor floor-to-ceiling window places, esp. with corners. Argh - our friends have a NY pied à terre like that and it is right out of a magazine. They LOVE it and it's a nice place to visit. Their kitchen is still a virgin.

Not having seen the interiors of these 3 places or heard about the size of the balcony in #3, I couldn't begin to guess. Surprise me!