Friday, February 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

As promised, Pat our contractor, and his crew arrived bright and early at 8:00 this morning. I scurried around the kitchen, removing last minute boxes and debris, and then snapped this pic, just before the guys showed up.

My island was the very first dilemna, as you can see:

Harold (left), Casey (center), Bill (rear), and Pat (right foreground) were trying to figure out how to get the island through the doorway and up the stairs and around the corner and then to the left and out the front door........and then to my studio! After that, it was all a breeze: flipping it over and adding wheels so that it could become a print table in my studio. I am excited about the added storage space!
By the way, these are great guys! They are all eager to please, pleasant to work with, and always offering to do more!

Here's my kitchen, sans island (suddenly there were echoes!), sans range hood (that was a bugger to remove!), sans compactor, but still that HUGE cabinet along the rear to remove!

Here, they've removed the range and the cabinet above, but are scratching their heads as to how to get that big overhead cabinet out of my kitchen. It appears to have been assembled on site!

The final decision was to cut it apart. Our good friend Bob wants the upper cabinets, and I hate to let him know that they have now been cut apart, but there was no other way to remove them.

Barker has always been skiddish with loud noises, so it was a good experience for him to sit in the diningroom and listen to the saws and hammers, and actually watch them make the noises, while I stood calmly by his side.

Tomorrow we go condo shopping in Midtown!!! Should be a fun day in the city!


Rayna said...

Laughing OUT LOUD, Judy. This is too funny! Hey - my cabinets just unscrewed from the wall. But you're right: they are almost identical.
It will be such fun to watch your progress at the same time. I, of course, am posting to the Garden Web Kitchen Forum every five min. We will be eating out or bringing in for as long as we have to. Our little fridge downstairs is full, but there is nothing to eat.

Gerrie said...

You are going to have one fabulous studio plus the new kitchen. My friend Terry is saving her old cabinets for her studio, too.

Carol said...

Judy you don't do things by halves, do you? And look at that handsome Barker! By the way, have you seen this Obama video on Just about made me cry. XO