Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Wondrous, The Wonderful and the Worrisome

I chose this photo because Obama is in front of Hillary, and I'm hoping that that is how it all turns out after today's Super Tuesday! I know that the vast majority of my friends supported Mr. Obama, so I'm hoping that you have or will as well!

So my friends, that is the Wondrous part of today.

Here is the Wonderful portion:

C and I returned to our countertop folks this afternoon to make some decisions. I was so torn between the Silestone and the granite. I admire the natural and rather unpredictable look of the granite, but also the nonporous quality of Silestone. In talking with Kathy, one of my "cabinet ladies" at H. Roebuck this morning, she asked if I had considered doing a combination of the granite and the Silestone. Hmmmm: hadn't thought about that, but what an interesting concept!

Here we have at far left a sample of the tile floor in the adjoinging diningroom, at center is a sample of the hickory cabinets, to the far right is the granite sample, and below is the Silestone sample:

The lightest colors in the granite are almost a perfect match for the wood, the diningroom tile and also the silestone! I couldn't believe my good fortune!! I had lusted after the granite last Friday when I had first spied it, but never thought I could make it work. Well I have!!!!!

Tony is our salesperson and he was kind enough to find and show us a much larger sample of the granite I so adored. Here he is loading it onto the crane-sort of-machine that would lift it out for display:

And here is my lovely piece of granite!!!!

I feel like I'm looking down onto the floor of a pond or stream when I see it! So, this will be the island top and also the backsplash on my counters. If you look carefully, you will see that the stone in the lower right corner is very compatible with the Silestone that will be used on the countertops. This backsplash will be visible from the diningroom, and I'm thinking will be quite dramatic. I am really delighted about all of this!!

Michael, our Atlanta realtor, called this morning to say that we had a very firm offer on our condo. The buyer wishes to close by the end of the month, so we need to get hopping! Unfortunately, the condo that we had hoped to purchase has just been rented with a one year contract, so it is no longer available for us! I'm sure we will find something even better, as that is how life seems to work...........but it will require time and work!

And now for the worrisome: my cousin Eva emailed me tonight to say that her husband Bertil (who is really my cousin) is in the hospital in Angelholm, Sweden. I ask for your prayers and good wishes for both Eva, Bertil and their families during this worrisome time.



Gerrie said...

My very best and hopeful thoughts go to Eva and hsuband. I always enjoy reading her comments on your blog.

Our guy did pretty well tonight I think. We do have momentum on our side.

The granite is luscious and I think combining the two will be spectacular.

Carol said...

Do you think your pebbles in Preserve and Protect are somehow magically related to your granite, which is absolutely gorgeous?

My best wishes to Eva and Bertil. I too enjoy Eva's comments.

I've been meaning to ask you about Obama v Hilary. I was delighted to see you had the Bush countdown on your site but I felt that as an Aussi I should keep out of your politics. OX

Jinny said...

Hi, Judy. Jinny Carpenter here. Thought I'd stop by your blog and see if you had any political thoughts these days. Glad to see you are supporting Obama. Amy and I went to see him (and Caroline Kennedy) when they were in Phoenix. It was wonderful. Take care.