Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Do They Know?

As if on cue, my Lenten Roses all popped out in full bloom yesterday, Ash Wednesday! How do they know??? They are all along the walkway leading to our front door, and I just love them.

Lenten Roses don't require a lot of water, so they have done well during this most recent drought. I appreciate their beautiful colors during this rather drab time of the year.

Another plant that welcomes folks to our house during late winter is my Daphne Odora:

It's buds have been closed up tightly, but I noticed this afternoon, that they are just beginning to pop! MMMMMMMMMMMM: they smell so good!

I caught this glimpse of our lake this evening as I was passing through the livingroom:

That is precisely why we can never leave this house!

And if you're wondering how I have spent my day, here's my trusty companion to give you a clue:

Yes, Barker and I have been packing up the kitchen ALL DAY LONG!!! But look, we've made progress:

C and I are eating our last meal on our regular plates this evening. I will pack the last few things up this evening after dinner, and it'll be paper around here for a while. I've tried to be orderly in my packing, but it is difficult, As soon as I think I can seal up one box, C comes walking in and says, "Where's the ____________? I need it for __________." I could just about clobber him, but then in another minute, I'm looking for something too! It'll be a real adjustment, but it is going to be sooooo worth it!

I hope you had a nice and artfully creative day.......or just had fun doing what you like to do!



Gerrie said...

In this situation, my answer to what to make for dinner? - Reservations!
Lots of eating out is in store for you. How long will the renovation take? Thanks for the pic of Barker! :-)

Nellie's Needles said...

Yes, our Lenten Roses appear just yesterday, too. It's great to have these beautiful flowers bloom so early and last into May.

You have my sympathy through the mess of getting your dream kitchen that is worthy of your wonderful house and view.