Friday, March 21, 2008


It's been a busy week of unpacking boxes and trying to get some dyeing and knitting done! Phew!

We had lots more much needed rain on Wednesday. Here is the little stream bed next to my studio. It is normally dry (is that an arroyo?), but was flowing down to the lake on Wednesday afternoon.

This is our "back 40".......with Barker hunting:

I am playing around with dyeing stretched silk yardage......and Barker is guarding the studio:
In order to fit those big saw horses into my space, I've had to move things around a bit, but it is all working out well.

Yesterday was our monthly knitting meeting at Panera. Ann is a most prolific knitter, and here she is modeling a lovely sweater that she has recently completed:

here's the back:

Roberta (aka Dr. Sock), trying to help me get the heel straightened out on my newest pair of socks:

And here's Ann, attempting to untangle herself from the yarn she has just ripped from a lovely kimono sweater she is knitting. We took a vote and all decided it was too long, so now Ann has more yarn than she knows what to do with!



Carol said...

Wonderful that you're getting some rain.I just love the way Barker sits looking so regal and important, guarding your studio. XXOO

Plain Jane said...

dr sock!does she make housecalls? on second thought, I'd need a long 'hospital' stay to learn to knit a sock!