Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Good Friday and Easter Eve

Good Friday? Well, it is more than good for was more like WONDERFUL!

Mickey and Wanda, our lady painters, arrived midmorning to paint our kitchen ceiling. Thanks be to God! Now the rest of our lights can be hung, and the can lights can go up into their little sockets.

Our daughter Kristin drove from Atlanta and she, C, and I took my Mom out to lunch at Red Lobster, Mom's favorite local restaurant. We had a great time, and she ate her fair share of lobster, shrimp and scallops!

Kristin headed back to Atlanta, and we packed our bags and left for the condo. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I kind of hated to leave home, but the city was calling.

I am finally getting a little more at ease going out onto our 14th floor balcony. Here is the view straight down:

Do the chaises remind you of piano keys? They do me! The pool is actually on the 7th floor, but the street that you see to the right is 14 floors below our little balcony.

Back inside, Barker has settled down for a bit of a nap.

And the moon rising was pretty incredible!

This morning's sunrise wasn't too shabby either:

We had a fun day: I spent some time knitting at Knitch, one of my new favorite haunts, the cableguy showed up and got us all hooked up, and C and I had a nice early dinner at Ted's Montana Grill downtown before taking in "Pure Confidence" at the Theatrical Outfit. Our tickets had originally been for last weekend, but with the tornado striking that part of downtown, last Saturday night's performance was cancelled and we had to reschedule. It was our first trip downtown since the tornado, and both C and I were horrified at the destruction just a few miles from our condo. So many windows were blown out of the Westin Hotel and other buildings in the area, the roof of the Tabernacle (where we saw Norah Jones in concert just last summer) is gone, and much damage to Grady Hospital, just to name a few things that we saw. Our waiter at Ted's said that he was tending bar when the storm hit, and the next thing he knew glass was flying everywhere. He ended up huddled with patrons and employees alike in the booths in the back of the restaurant. It is a wonder that no lives were lost.

C brought me this lovely orchid plant this afternoon, and it brought back memories of the orchid corsages that my Dad used to bring my Mom to adorn her Easter attire.




Carol said...

Happy Easter Judy dear, and to all your family. What a lovely photo of your mother and daughter. All your photos are beautiful and the orchid - well done Craig. Just off to my family Easter lunch, a day late as it's Easter Monday but Mum will be there and that will be wonderful. Love & hugs, Carol

Rayna said...

Your daughter is adorable and she has your smile. Looks like you're winning the kitchen renovation sweepstakes...I can't even think about painting till everything else is done. Glad you had a nice holiday weekend.

Debra said...

Thank you for your blog, I read it all the time. I especially like reading it because I live in Oxford and can identify with alot of the places in the Atlanta area you describe in your posts. I usually just read fiber art blogs but never comment, but I just wanted to say thanks, and keep those posts coming.


Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a lovely picture of Kristin and Ruth, and what a thoughtful husband you have.

Kram Eva