Sunday, March 02, 2008


As promised, here is a bit of a better photo of the t-shirt that I have been tinkering with:

I am pretty pleased with the outcome, and have decided to try my hand at some more. My motto is: the brighter the Daddy would be proud!

C and I found the lights we want for over the kitchen island yesterday on our drive down to Atlanta. Phew: we can now check that one off of our to-do list!

It was a lovely afternoon in Midtown, so we walked up to the High Museum to see the new Georgia O'Keefe exhibit. While it was interesting, I must honestly say that we both were a bit disappointed that there were so few of her works on display, and not one from her Santa Fe years. That said, I felt that my thirst for color had been quenched and my artistic was further inspired. I picked up a box of notecards that contained some of my favorites of hers included. Here are three:

"Yellow Cactus Flowers" 1929

"Poppy" 1927

"Red Canna" 1924

couldn't you just dive down into the center of this canna?



Terry said...

Love, love, love that shirt! The color and pattern are both divine.
We saw an exhibit of Georgia O'Keefe a year or so ago and I found myself underwhelmed. I think of her work as much bigger than it actually is. In some ways I think the reproductions look better than the originals.

Diane said...

The shirt is "hot" and I have always loved O'Keefe's Poppy.


Gerrie said...

You have to go to the Georgia museum in Santa Fe!! Are you bringing me that shirt in July?

Carol said...

Judy, I've given you a Kind Heart Award - see my blog. You'll have to share it with Barker. XXOO

Barbara said...

Judy, your t-shirt is beautiful! You have such an incredible talent. The reno looks like it is coming along nicely too.

Take Care!