Friday, February 29, 2008

Take a Leap

Barker woke us up early this morning. I think he has gotten used to having the workmen here, and he enjoys their energy! He has always been "one of the guys", so he feels good about this reno!

The electricians arrived first and then the countertop template man appeared. Like Rayna, I had thought he'd have his arms full of paper, a sturdy tape measure, and a pencil: NOT! He used wood, similar to balsa and a hot glue gun to build his templates. Below is one that he has just completed of the countertop by the diningroom:

Here's another section layed out on the floor:

It was a tedious job, and he was there for at least six hours. So now we wait 7-10 business days for the countertops.

I was disappointed that the Nandina leaves I had brayered onto this t-shirt barely survived after drying and laundering. Better for me to find out than an unsuspecting customer! So, this afternoon I thickened some dyes and stamped on some fish:

This may go, along with the little girl's romper from yesterday, to our church's preschool fundraising auction.

I've been playing around with monoprinting on silk and also discharging, as you know if you have been following along on my blog. Here is the finished product of the 2-day process:

and a closeup:
And for my friend Jeannie out in Oregon, here's the latest development on C's tractor driving t-shirt:

I've done some discharging with a screen. It's always fun to see what colors will remain when the fabric is discharged. I doubt that he would wear this even if I paid him a billion bucks!

As for Leap Day, I read on a friend's website this morning that this is the day that ladies can propose to men, BUT they must do so in a RED petticoat! When I was visiting with my Mom this afternoon, she told me that she was instructing all of her single caregivers to go home and propose to their prospective lovers this evening! At almost 91, she rarely misses a beat!
God Bless Her!



Carol said...

Love the tractor driving shirt - I'd wear it myself if I hadn't given up tractor driving many years ago. Tell C he'll be very stylish! So, we both have 91 year old mothers - how lucky is that? And Barker is one of the boys, eh? I should have known... Tell him I send my love. XX

Gerrie said...

I love that shirt, too. My colors - lime green and purple.

Have a good week-end.

Rayna said...

That shirt is too good to waste on a tractor driver, Judy. YOU should wear it.

Goodness, you must have a lot of cabinets!! Your template is bigger than mine.

Terry said...

The guy that made the template for our countertops used big sheets of corrugated cardboard. It did not take him long at all--not nearly 6 six hours! He took the sink with him so they could be sure to cut the hole for it very precisely. The counter top fit perfectly.