Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finding My Knitch

I completed a lot of knitting in the evenings this past week: one hat and two socks (for two separate will follow later), so my knitting bag was actually empty and it was time to go find a new project. Roberta, my knitting Dr., had suggested that I knit one more pair of socks using the "magic loop" circular needles, and I know that she is probably right, but I just couldn't face another pair right now. I have been scared silly about knitting socks on double pointed needles, so I thought I might try to conquer that fear and learn a new sock technique to boot.

So, I dropped by Knitch in Virginia Highlands, which is about a 5 minute drive from our Midtown condo. Here's what I came home with:

This sock book, "The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook" by Lynne Vogel, is fantastic! I have learned so much in just the little that I have read! The best part, for me, is all of the sock variations that she offers...and even I, as a relative beginner, can tackle them and customize my socks! As you can see from my pic, I've really gotten into knitting with the double pointed needles, and I love it! I am finding them so much easier than the circular ones (sorry, Angie!), and I just adore the wooden needles: no more clanking of the metal needles! I added a little ruffle to the top of this pair of socks, and hope that they will be as much fun to wear as they have been to knit! I will get fancier with my socks as my experience grows...this book has so many variables to wool dyeing! woohoo!!!

I also bought that cute little row counter - the little red thingy over on the left hand side of the pic. C asked why a pencil and a piece of paper didn't work just as well: well..............I dunno, I guess I just like hearing the little "click" everytime I finish a row (and remember to click it!). The adorable tape measure in the upper right of the pic is a gift from a friend several years ago and now resides in my knitting bag. Her nose grows as you increase the measurement!

We had a true Midtown weekend over the past 36 hours: we walked to dinner last night at Fresh To Order, this afternoon we walked to the viewing of "Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the RAF Ferry Command" in the Rich Auditorium at the High Museum, then we walked to Evensong at All Saints Episcopal Church, and finally we walked to a lovely dinner at Pasta da Pulcinella. All were wonderful! Oh yeah: we also walked Barker around Piedmont Park this morning!

A bit more about "Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the RAF Ferry Command": This film is phenomenal! It is a documentary about the "hundreds of civilian and military pilots who risked their lives pioneering global air routes during WWII. Among them was the filmmaker's father, Bill VanDerKloot" (who unltimately flew Winston Churchill from London to Cairo and then on to Moscow, via Tehran). The film footage is great, the interviews with the pilots and their families are phenomenal, and the accompanying soundtrack is engaging. It will be aired later this year on PBS, so watch for it!

.........and now back to my knitting!!



Carol said...

I occasionally knit a scarf but I don't think I could face socks. You're obviously having a good time knitting, though I really don't know when you fit it in. I love reading about the places you go to eat - Gainsville sounds wonderful, though I guess you were in town this weekend. I think I'll soon have to do a blog post about the story behind the Barnacle Goose. XO

Gerrie said...

Socks - ugh! I wouldn't wear them if I knitted them!! I am a lazy knitter because I knit in meetings and while watching tv so I want it to be simple and straight forward and keep the counting in my head.