Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Our Kristin turned 29 today! I say 'our', but I'm not really sure who her parents are, as neither C nor I feel old enough to have a 29 year old!

We brought K & D a sushi lunch from Ru Sans:

Tucker was dressed to kill in his brilliant blue bandana:

and Barker was his usual jovial self

They had invited friends in to celebrate with a cookout. It was a great party and we enjoyed being with these young and successful people. I have faith in that generation and know that they will go far.



Joyce said...

I feel the same when i realize that two of our kids are already in their forties. Where does time go???

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely picture of Kristin and Dave!
Kram Eva

Terry said...

Beautiful girl--looks like her Mom! Happy Birthday Kristin.

Gerrie said...

OK, you are so bragging!! 29 years! Wait until you have two in their 40's - now that makes you feel old!! Hippo birdy to Kristin.

Anonymous said...

feliz cumpleanos to kristin! our daughter just celebrated #40. how can that be? I remember MY 40th birthday! sheila

Jinny Carpenter said...

Hi, Judy. Happy B-day to Kristin! I've just been to your website looking at your new art work, which is simply exquisite. I love the scarfs, too. Jinny

Anonymous said...
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