Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chartreuse: My Favorite Season!

Well, Blogger seems to be up to its old tricks again, so I won't try to post any more pics tonight.

It struck me yesterday that Chartreuse is the 'spring green' shade of the foliage that I love so much this time of year! I walked around our house and snapped a bunch of pics............all variations of chartreuse. We've had two days of absolutely gorgeous weather. Life is good!

these are even better if you click on them and enlarge them!



Karen Hall said...

Lovely pics Judy - You will be starting a garden blog next (lol)

Joyce said...

Your season is so much more advanced than ours. We still have no green grass. Beautiful!

Karoda said...

we've had 2 gorgeous days here as well and i've been so pleasantly tickled by the blooms and colours along the roads...your pictures are beautiful!! makes me want to do some quilting!

Gerrie said...

happy spring with my fave color!!