Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ahhhhhhhh: Arum!

Thanks so much to Jeannie for finally putting me out of my misery! The mystery plant is an Arum! I received it as a bonus plant about 10 years ago when I ordered a ton of Spring bulbs for the yard, but I never wrote down what it was in my haste to get it in the ground. Let that be a lesson!

Here are the pics of my Arum plant that I took on Tuesday morning:

Here's how it looked last Spring when it was in full bloom:
I wonder if it will look like this when we get home this afternoon?

Jeannie, please email me privately with your address, as I have a little thank you for you for putting me out of my misery!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! The first week of celebrating was very sweet and I am quite exhausted. I hope that this next week is a bit more relaxing. Does that mean I'm getting old???



Anne P said...

Happy Birthday Judy!

Love your hair and your tee! We're only as old as we feel (until we look in the mirror ) :)

Anonymous said...

I just found out you had a birthday! I hope it was happy, and if I'd known I would have written earlier or baked a cake or done SOMETHING. So what exactly are you doing with your two weeks of wishes?
xxoo Carol

Carol said...

Wow! Your arum is spectacular when open. I see from the photo that there are a couple of flies on the stamen(?). Does this mean it's one of those that has a smell (can't really say perfume) that attracts flies? That is certainly a plant I'd like in my garden if I had one... Stunning colour. No you're NOT getting old! xxoo

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a strange flower!
I remember that you had it on your blog last year too.
Nice that you got to know its name at last :-)
What a lovely husband you have.
Fourteen days of birthday celebration!
Not bad, not bad at all ;-)
I got nada (as usually) from my husband at my birthday the 12th, but I've got use to that now after so many years together, so I buy something that I want to have to my self with "his" money. Ha, ha!
This year I bought a long focus lens to my Nikon D40 =)))))))
Haven’t had time yet to test it properly though, but according to my brother Anders (he has been a pro photographer), I’ve made a good choice.
Happy Birthday, again!