Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's My Party......

Remember that song by Leslie Gore? Well, I'm not crying, but today is my birthday and so it is my party! C told me last week that I would get my wishes for 7 days prior to and 7 days after my 'bout them apples? Pretty sweet, I'm thinkin'! But I digress!

Yesterday morning, I took my daily amble through the perennial garden and here are a few things that caught my camera's eye:

another lovely amaryllis from a Christmas past

and here is that 'mystery plant' whose name escapes me!
Gerrie insists that it is "something or other", but I am not so sure! I wish somebody would put me out of my misery and tell me for sure what it really is!

This weird looking caterpillar was on my rose bush, eating petals on one of the blossoms and curling a few of the others:

It reminded me of a very poisonous caterpillar that lived in the Areca Palms surrounding our pool when we lived in Miami, so I steered clear of it!

And here's the rose: not too worse for the wear, eh?

And for those fans of dear Barker, here's our boy, striking a pose on the patio:

Yesterday afternoon we drove down to Atlanta with our friends Polly and Jeff. We had tickets to the second game of a double header between our Braves and the New York Mets. Stormy weather rolled in from the west and we decided to wait it out here in Midtown, rather than chance it at the stadium: wise decision on our part! The weather wasn't too bad here at the condo, but other areas of northeast Georgia were hit pretty hard. (Our daughter works as an engineer for Georgia Power and she was called out for storm duty, restoring power to customers until 5:00 this morning). We were still waiting out the rain happening at the ball field when this beautiful rainbow appeared in Midtown right before our eyes:

C took Barker our for a walk and returned saying that the sunset was gorgeous, so I took a peek out on our patio:

a view of the storm clouds from our condo:

We did indeed make it to the Braves/Mets game and our Braves were triumphant (6-2). It was a great game with home runs, stolen bases, guys getting caught attempting to steal bases, rookie pitchers throwing low heaters, rookie hitters making good contact, yada, yada, yada! And it's always fun with Polly and Jeff!

It was late to bed and relatively early to rise this morning. Being the Birthday Girl, I chose breakfast at the Highland Bakery:

You can see from the umbrella that there had been some recent severe weather! It was a beautiful morning, and we were able to eat outside, so 'you know who' was able to accompany us:

After breakfast we took a little walk around the neighborhood and found a cute little Vegan restaurant, so I had to take these pics for Carol, my Aussie blogger buddie:

We took our friends on a driving tour of some of our favorite Atlanta area haunts, including Little Five Points, Emory University, Inman Park, the Old Fourth Ward, Decatur, and the Dekalb Farmers Market. I spent some time perusing their extensive Australian wine cellar and after an exhaustive study of their whites, finally chose this fine bottle:

and it is good! Carol, have you ever heard of Woop Woop?????

P and J went home this afternoon and we were able to connect with K and D this evening, for dinner at the Glenwood:

K is looking mighty fine for only a few hours of sleep after restoring power to almost all of northwest Atlanta last night...........and I'm not too shabby for all those years of restoring law and order in my own little world!

As I sit here writing this, the moon is rising slowly but surely:

and it is all good: very, very good!



Terry said...

I will be the first to wish you a happy birthday! Nice picture of you and your daughter. I love your new hair.

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Judy! The new hair do is a knock out and I love the color. I think the plant is in the Arum family - Schott's Maximillian or something like that. Have a great time celebrating! Cheers.

Karen Hall said...

Happy Birthday Judy,
Love Karen

Carol said...

Dear Judy, Happy Birthday!!! You do look mighty fine too. Thank you for the photos of Barker and especially for the vegan pics. I'll share that with the Iron Deficient Chef. Wonderful photos as usual. Email on the way. Keep enjoying the birthday for the next 7 days. What a good man that C is. Love, Carol xxoo

Karoda said...

Two weeks of birthday wishes!!! Woop Woop is right! Enjoy and happy birthday to ya!

Gerrie said...

I was looking at that same moon in Israel. A belated hippo birdy! Trying to get caught up on blogs.