Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Chartreuse Shower and other stories

C and I had an outdoor shower installed on our pool patio several years ago, with the idea that we would use it after our early morning swims in the summertime. We discovered however, that we enjoy showering there exclusively from May through about October, weather permitting. Hearing the birds sing, feeling the warmth of the sun, seeing the shrubs blooming above us and the leaves shimmering in the sunlight are all just too good to miss! I try to paint the shower every Spring, but last year was busy and I didn't get around to it, so as you can well imagine, it has been looking a bit nasty. Yesterday I made the executive decision to change the color scheme from "Unbleached Muslin" to "Spring Leaf" and "True Blue". I did not consult my other half and when he walked by he literally shrieked! LOL

Today I hope to add the "True Blue" trim......maybe that will calm C down...what do you think?

Sunday evening we went to Horizon Theater in Little Five Points to see "In Darfur". It is a very moving play. To be honest, I cannot say that I loved it or even enjoyed it, but we all should see it, to learn more about what is going on in that part of the world. Is it really 2008 and are we still treating our fellow man that way....and are the rest of us just turning a blind eye to it all? C and I are now listening to Khaled Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns" on our iTrip when we travel to and from the condo. Another example of man's inhumanity to man, but in Afghanistan, this time. And this morning I've read this article in the AJC about the increased violence in Zimbabwe. You can see more here.

All that said, I drown my sorrows and increasing anxiety by taking a walk in the garden:

Ineke's peonies are opening!

My roses and foxgloves are a pleasing compliment to Ineke's Japanese irises.

and my first grape tomato of the season has appeared!



Carol said...

I love the colour of your outdoor shower and the blue will look great on it. Poor C, he should know what to expect from you by now! And those peonies - I see them now and then as cut flowers but I don't know where they are grown or how far they travel to get to Sydney. It's getting cold here at night but during the day it's still tee shirt weather - I love that. xxoo

Karoda said...

Keep tending your us strength to knowing whats hard and doing our best to make differences.

Susie Monday said...

I LOVE outdoor showers and hope to have one someday in this new(er) home -- I enjoyed mine at my former house for years. It was made of tin so didnt need paint, but isnt it heaven to shower with sky overhead. Susie