Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scenes from my Garden

Last Saturday's Market Day at our condo was a huge bust saleswise for everyone. To begin with, we had a rather large downpour just as the outdoor market was opening at 10:00 AM. Sooooo, we all took cover and tried to regroup. Then the powers that be wisely postponed the market until Sunday, which was forecast to be, and was, a beautiful day. I think that folks who planned to attend on Saturday had other plans on Sunday, because they sure weren't there. That said, I enjoyed myself tremendously, meeting lots of neighbors and friends, and also knitting on a new sock. Ironically, the gal who was set up at the next table to mine was peddling Obama t-shirts. Of course I bought one on the spot! I wore it yesterday and had meant to get C to snap a pic of me, but it never got done. Hold that thought - maybe I'll get a pic tomorrow!

So today is another gorgeous day and I am about to get out into my garden. I've just finished making a huge pan of granola, and when I looked out the kitchen window, the garden looked so inviting, I had to go snap these pics for you. Here's where I'll be spending my morning:

As you can see, the foxgloves are about at their peak.......aren't they great! And my roses are looking good! AND: Blogger is cooperating and allowing all of these pics to enlarge...can you hear me squeeling in delight?!!!!!

My Japanese and bearded irises are thriving with the increased sun, since I've cut back so many of the shrubs...and the Mahonia is looking very healthy too!

The peonies are just beginning to open. MMMMMMM, they will be perfuming the air over the next few weeks!

This red rose bush gives us pleasure all season long. I was a bit distraught last summer during the fence construction, as I thought it was gone forever, but it is a hearty soul!

I hope you will have a pleasant day too: feed your soul!



A Fiber Frolic said...

Great pics of your garden. Spring in the South is breathtaking, can' beat it.
Darn! Sorry to hear it rained on your market day. I was so sure you would hit it big, and you would have if folks had only braved a few raindrops.


Carol said...

Bad luck about the market day but persevere, your tees are beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, your garden is looking wonderful. We have a mahonia but it lives in a jungle of tree ferns and other big ferns and I don't think I've ever seen those big blue berries, maybe I'd better devote some time to it and see what it can do next spring. Your rose is really divine, lucky you. XXOO

Gerrie said...

Hi, Judy, Beautiful flowers. We don't have many bloomers. I did plant some peonies last week. Boy have we got hope tonight, right?

Diane said...

Your garden is lovely, as always. Your shirts will find new homes. They are too lovely to stay! I am proud of you!!