Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Complex Life

It's already been a busy, busy morning and the wheels are churning in my little brain.....so watch out Satan, as my heat have hit the floor! LOL

Barker and I had a lovely early morning walk on the golf course, but he was disappointed that there were no Canada Geese to chase, nor a single squirrel to run up a tree. The Sears repairman arrived just as we returned home. Our new freezer door (on the bottom of the new fridge) wasn't closing properly, so we were having lots of icing issues. I hope the new gasket will alleviate the problem!

Had a nice email from my quilting/dyeing buddy Amanda this morning. We don't see eachother often enough, and I do hate that! Amanda took me under her wing several years ago when I was first learning to dye cottons. I am totally indebted to her for getting me hooked on this marvelous addiction!

I had about two hours in the dyeing studio last evening and puttered around discharging some dyes. This is a shirt that I started playing with several weeks ago. Unfortunately both pics of the front came out blurry, so the back view will have to do:

This is a very pale lemon yellow tee that I've discharged with some turquoise. I like the sophisticated look (totally different from the rather cluttered look that I usually produce!):

Here's a closeup of the front:

What do you think? Do you like the less-cluttered look? I think I do.

I was cleaning out some drawers yesterday and found this purple Dharma silk cami hiding in amongst a few other unmentionables. It clearly needed some discharging, so I let loose on it too:

Note to self: when discharging on silk garments, make sure to put a layer of absorbent paper or fabric between the garment front and back, as the discharge past will go through!

And here is a multilayered (aka: very complex!) tee that I picked up at Michaels. It began as white (when purchased), I dyed it lemon yellow, then stamped some fish on it with thickened Cerulean, then overdyed it with Scarlet, then discharged it with both turquoise and plain discharge paste.

Unfortunately it is too big for me, because I really do like it......even though it is pretty badly tarted up!

OK, I'm off to conquer the world!!



Karen Hall said...

I know that I have said it before - but it is worth repeating - I really love these T's - why don't you live near me?
On second thoughts I couldn't do gardening in them they are far too lovely.

Gerrie said...

Not cluttered - complex! I like the more complex designs that you do. i think the yellow tee needs some red or orange - perhaps some bubble wrap printing? But, don't listen to me. I love all of your work. I am off to finish getting ready for the big bathroom demo that happens tomorrow. Ta!

Joyce said...

They are all gorgeous.

Karoda said...

these tees cover many moods..sometimes one feels more complex and sometimes less...i was thinking that the less complex ones could use a little bling with just a few strategically placed iron on crystals.