Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What I Really Meant

When I was dreaming about the 'circle thing', the image that kept running through my mind was more on this idea:

It was nice to finally get this down on paper (well, that paper?), and now perhaps I can get on with life.

Every day when I walk out to my studio, I am greeted by this lovely:

Of course, she is not always quite this showy, but I enjoy watching her from the time her tender green foliage begins to appear on the brittle vine in early Spring, until her last leaves fall and blow away in the Fall. She climbs up the outer wall of our outdoor shower and adds color to an otherwise drab and shady corner. Kristin gave me this Clematis and her twin sister for Mothers Day about five years ago, and both plants continue to give me does my darling daughter!


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Joyce said...

The circles are very nice. Many possibilities there.