Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another day in Paridise, er, Coupeville

This morning's breakfast in Paridise:

banana smoothie with blueberries, caprese on a whole wheat English muffin, poached egg/sausage on English muffin. The caprese was to die for, as was the smoothie. I'm not much of an egg fan though.

We learned about Tsutsugaki this morning. In this technique, dye is added to thickened rice paste, placed in the tsutsu, which is similar to a cake decorating tube, and then designs are drawn on fabric. Here is Akemi drawing with her tsutsu:

This is the stenciled piece that I was working on yesterday, after adding some stamping:
I painted the background on this morning, steamed it, and then forgot to photograph it. Hope I'll remember tomorrow!

This is my favorite piece thus far:

I like the contrast of the two colors and the optical illusion produced by the purple stamp on top of the orange stencil. I painted the background a lemon yellow, but also forgot to photograph it...more for you to wait to see.

Remember the class piece that we had stamped all over at the end of yesterday's post? Here it is after Akemi added the black background:

This is a piece that was done by Teresa. I love the swirls. If you enlarge it, you will see the wonderful effect that she got by painting over a screen.

Tonight the class went out to eat at the local Thai restaurant as a group. We had a great time. Our waiter was a real comedian and kept us laughing throughout dinner. We were invited to go for dessert to the home of Lisa, the administrative assistant at the Coupeville Art Center. She and her husband have a lovely, lovely home and garden, with lots going on. Here are a few shots from her incredible garden:

fireplace made out of recycled materials

stage for performances by their children and grandchildren:


babbling brook:

I'm sad that our four days of class are coming to a close, but C arrives tomorrow, and I am looking forward to touring around with him for a while!



Jeannie said...

As I wrote Gerrie, I really like what you both have been sharing from your class. I am so glad you are enjoying the Northwest. Have fun touring! Cheers.

Carol said...

Breakfast, silk and Lisa'a garden all look pretty good to me. The garden must be enormous and I do like the idea of a stage in the garden. Lucky kids. XXOO

Vicki W said...

Oh my envy!

teodo said...

This stage, this breakfast and this country seem very wonderful.
ciao ciao

Rayna said...

Almost makes me want to go back and teach there.

komodori said...

I hope you're having a great time and Craig made it safely. I'm still stuck at the mussels and pesto encrusted halibut. Oh yum. The well went dry here Friday morning but we finally got the level up enough yesterday to keep the pump primed. Enjoy!XRobin