Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today in Coupeville

Charlotte, our hostess at the Coupe de Villa, brings us a lovely breakfast each morning:

This morning Akemi demonstrated how to make potato paste resist, and then we added dyes to the mixture, and painted our backgrounds. Here, Akemi and Gerrie are putting the finishing touches on Gerrie's first piece:

I painted the background on my scarf and then Gerrie and my pieces were steamed, rinsed and hung on the line to dry:

I sketched and cut out this stencil and painted it onto another piece of stretched silk:

It is navy blue, but I am undecided about the background color as yet. I'd better hurry and figure it out, as it needs to be finished tomorrow morning! YiKES!!

After lunch, Akemi demonstrated stamping with rice paste on silk. She encouraged us all to stamp on the same piece with found objects that we had brought from home. Here, Nita, Akemi's class assistant is adding her mark:

This is the piece at the end of the day:

pretty cool eh? Tomorrow it will look even cooler, with a background color added!

Here's Akemi at the end of the day, with a few of our class pieces hanging behind her:

When we got back to the B&B, I wandered out into the backyard to check out what was happenin' on Penn Cove while Gerrie called home. I had left my binocs in the room but was too lazy to go back and get them, and I was having trouble identifying the little birds in the nearby Madrona trees. Suddenly, as if to make my viewing easier, I heard a rather loud squawk and screech and a huge bald eagle flew into view and perched on a large limb nearby! He preened and posed for me......but alas, I had no camera either! Suddenly a second eagle appeared and knocked the first one off of his perch! Gerrie and Charlotte, our hostess, both appeared from opposite sides of the garden, and we all admired Mr. Eagle for quite some time. What a treat!!!

We walked into town this evening and enjoyed steamed Penn Cove Mussels and Fish and Chips at Toby's a long established eatery on the water. YUMMMM!!!

Here's the svelte Gerrie with Coupeville in the background:

We walked 'home' past the Bayleaf and spotted this handsome clump of lavender:

Wish you all were here!



Carol said...

I wish I was there too, it looks like you're having fun.

I have awarded your blog the Arte y Pico Award so if you go to my blog you can get all the info there - and see the award. XXOO

Karoda said...

Maybe if click my heels 3 times and say "i wish i was in coupeville, i wish i was in coupevile, i wish i was in coupeville"...okay, i'll try again, but this time with my eyes closed...nope, that didn't work either...

well anyways, i enjoyed reading this post...makes my insominia worth it :)

SRR said...

I love taking classes in Coupeville. I took one on shibori dyeing in June, and am scheduled for a class on discharge in September.

I think I would be happy doing nothing but taking classes. I don't seem to get anything done when I am at home.

Thanks for sharing your time there.