Thursday, July 17, 2008

the Joys of a Small Town

I often struggle with a very strong desire to move to the city where the fast pace, anonymity, and easy access to museums, theaters, great dining,etc. is so appealing to me. Then there are times like today when I know that another part of me is so very fond of my little town and all that it has given and continues to offer me. I am always thankful for my church, not only from a spiritual aspect but also for the deep friendships I have developed there over the years. We also have a terrific theater group here and C and I never miss a production. The art center is a fabulous addition to our community, and provides many of us with creative stimulation. Today the knitting group that has so graciously adopted me met at Inman Perk, a new coffee shop on the downtown square....the square being something that all self-respecting Southern towns cannot be without! The group that gathered made me aware of another aspect of the positives of small town life: we all know eachother, and we share such history! Sally was the long-time owner of our local quilt shop, and where I took knitting lessons two years ago. My Mom and I used to spend very pleasant times in Sally's shop, just fondling the fabric and discussing/dreaming about projects. Sally always asks after my Mom, and that is so nice and thoughtful. Sally's daughter and my daughter ran their first marathon together at Disney World several years ago. We have history! Tommye was also at the knitting group. Her husband and mine worked together for years, and Tommye also worked at the quilt shop, so we saw eachother often. Bonnie joined us this morning. Her daughter and mine were school chums, and Bonnie used to sing in the choir at our church. I miss seeing her smiling face there. Karen was also there this morning. She was K's gifted teacher in the 5th grade and I credit her with teaching K how to really study. Karen recently ordered one of my ComplexiTees, and I delivered it to her this today. It was pretty neat to see it on her, and then to spot her later crossing the downtown Square to meet friends for lunch, still wearing my tee! So this morning we knit (look at the fabulous article on knitting on Wikipedia) and chatted, and drank a bit of iced was a great morning in this small town! But we missed you Roberta!!!

C and I both spotted 'our' Pied-Billed Grebe, returning after its short migration to who knows where. It was almost impossible for C to snap a picture of our little darling, as she dove and then resurfaced a ways away, as is their custom.

I doubt that I would see my Grebe if I was living in the city fulltime, and I dare guess I wouldn't have my little veggie garden either. Here's what I've got growing right now:

an Ichiban eggplant

Roma tomatoes

Stargazer lilies

Gerber daisies

I leave on Sunday to fly to Seattle where I will be met by my Blogger Buddy Gerrie. We are taking Beyond Kimonos: Color Rice Paste Resist on Silk at the Coupeville Art Center and will be sharing accomodations at a nearby B&B. I am really looking forward to meeting Gerrie in person and getting to know her better, learning another dye process on silk, and to spending some summer time in the Pacific Northwest. WooHoo!!! OK, so I'd better go get packing!



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Jeannie said...

Aren't Star gazer lilies the best! I just picked a few and the house smells so good. Have a wonderful time with Gerrie. You are going to one of my favorite places in Washington. Cool breezes, sea glass, sunshine (keeping my fingers crossed for that one) and fresh seafood. Have a blast! Cheers.

Carol said...

Yes, have a wonderful time with Gerrie and learn lots. I'm sure you will, it's a great opportunity. Your morning with your friends sounded very fulfilling, so good to see women you have such connections with, doing something that's fun and unpressured. I'll expect lots of photos from your time away. XXOO

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I think that you and Craig have the perfect solution on your living. Near the nature in the weeks and in the big city on the weekends, you have the best of both alternatives.
I am not interested of living in a big city. I love to have peace and quiet.
What a nice meeting with your friends. Wish I had that kind of girlfriends too. Not that I don’t have any, but they are all so much occupied of their work and careers. Me my self is more interested of living an other fulfilled life at the moment.
I hope that you and Gerrie will have a wonderful time together in Seattle, and probably you will meet some new friends too.

Lots of kramar from Eva