Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Losing Track revisited

I played around with Losing Track to the point that it was absolutely and tea-totally ruined a couple of weeks ago. Being a newbie to the art quilt world, I found my disaster so disturbing that I retreated to sewing (the Barcelona Skirt) and dyeing more tees. I know my comfort zone and it feels oh so good being there! But Losing Track was calling my name, so I revisited it again on Sunday when it was raining and my studio was under flood warnings. Here's where I'm at:

I haven't sewed a single stitch on it, but I think I may just go begin to piece those background blocks this morning. Pat and his crew are putting the new roof on the studio, and the drilling and hammering is enough to drive me crazy, so the sewing room is a much calmer and more tranquil place to hang. Losing Track is basically my feelings about how life flies by when we are covered up with our daily routines. I have printed old photographs of my mother as a child, my grandparents, and great grandmother plus a few old clock faces, and a marvelous quote about time. I spent much of yesterday with my amazing 91 year old mother, and days like that make me oh so aware of how we simply lose track of time. Where does it go? It simply flies by! Do you feel that way too? I am trying so hard to cherish each and every day: every moment. As I ate my breakfast this morning, a doe ambled through the backyard between the house and the lake: what a treat!

Have a good one!



Gerrie said...

Well, you know that I feel that way!! I would fuse the background, but that is me. I love the track. I think some other time related elements will be a nice addition to this.

Carol said...

I think Losing Track is beautiful and look forward to watching you work your magic on it. I don't understand the first thing about the process but I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you do to it. I know we both appreciate our mothers, both the same age - they are amazing, aren't they, all that knowledge and life experience they've got stored away. We're very lucky to have them. XXOO

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Yes life just flies away. I’ve that feeling too. These days I feel like I’m waiting for something, don’t know for what! Perhaps it’s because of Bertil’s illness.
Otherwise life can be very fun. Tonight I’m going to “babysit” my grandchildren.
Anna and Ronnie are going out to have dinner with some friends, and that I think they really deserve =)

Hope your roof will be ready soon!

Lots of kramar from Eva