Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Old Friends

OK, here you must hum along to that old Simon and Garfunkle song "Old Friends".

Yesterday Alice, Jackie and I got together for a long overdue lunch. Jackie was the first person I met when we moved to Gainesville, as she and her husband had just finished building a home down the street from ours. Jackie and I ran together, pumped iron together, shared lots of adventures in raising our kids together, etc. Ah: those were the days my friend! Alice lived nearby, but she and Jackie knew eachother better than I knew Alice. Then we all started moving, and Alice and I ended up being neighbors...........and sadly, Jackie now lives in Denver. But she is back East visiting friends! We had a wonderful lunch, and lingered just talking about old times, the present, and life in general. It was SO GOOD!!!

On our way to meet up with Jackie, Alice and I had to cross over Lake Lanier. The traffic was stopped and here's why:
Can you imagine????? I had to take the picture as evidence, because we knew that Jackie would be fit to be tied if we were late for our luncheon date.

Today has been a busy but fun one! I have several t-shirt orders that need filling, so this morning I got them dyed.

Craig and a friend made some wonderful shelving for me. I can lay out my dyed fabrics and let them batch for a while. In our nice humid summer heat, it doesn't take long!

This is a part of a ribbed rayon tunic that I'm dyeing for myself. I tied off several circles for resist, low water immersion dyed with a lovely sage green, did a bit more shibori tyeing and then overdyed with some navy blue:

This morning I did a bit of discharging:

This is a silk scarf that I'm playing around with. I dyed it by low water immersion in diluted Plum Blossom, then used some black Resistad to draw some flower outlines, then painted a darker Plum Blossom inside the lines:

Hideous scarf!

I've now discharged it with turquoise:

still pretty hideous!

I've discharged again using plain discharge paste:

I will probably overdye it........as it's still pretty hopeless!

MetroFresh in Atlanta's Midtown is my all-time favorite place for lunch. Last weekend we bought a couple of quarts of the Prickly Pear soup, which is a wonderful cold summer soup. It was part of my lunch today:
C went to the county's farmers market this morning. Look at these lovely tomatoes:

.............and here are our first Georgia Peaches of 2008!

Last year our peach crop was wiped out by the Easter frost, so these are pretty special.



Carol said...

How embarrassing, to get your house stuck on a bridge! Be thankful it wasn't yours. Lucky you had the photo to prove your story. I love seeing produce set out on your wonderful granite bench - I still think that's the best example I've ever seen. Nice to catch up with old friends, and really important that we nurture those good friendships, especially with like minded women. XXOO

Anonymous said...

In the first place, the scarf you call "hideous" is beautiful in my opinion. In the second place, prickly pears here in Mexico are green, not pink. Everything on your blog seems backwards today, including the house on the bridge. I agree it's fun to get together with old friends, though.

xxoo Carol