Saturday, July 05, 2008

I've Got Mail!

Today was a red letter day for me in the snail mail delivery department as Rayna Gillman's book arrived here at home.

I first became acquainted with Rayna through my friend Diane, who couldn't say enough wonderful things about Ms Gillman, and kept encouraging me to read her blog. So, I started visiting there every so often, but being the shy person that I am (well, I like to think of myself that way anyway!), I never left a comment. Then one day I posted a question about batik on one of the internet groups that I belong to and Rayna was the first to answer (Els van Baarle was the second!). I was on cloud nine to have both gurus of the batiking world respond to my post. So, that is how Rayna and I became acquainted. She then spent untold hours walking me through the fine art of blogging (how to post pictures, how to reference sites, etc...this was before Blogger was as user friendly as it is today). Rayna told me that she would be teaching a weeklong class at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, so I registered immediately (the class wasn't even listed in the catalogue at that time, and when I called to sign up I had to tell the registrar when the class was to be held!). I learned a tremendous amount during that week, but most of all, I came to know what a loving and giving person Rayna Gillman is.

Needless to say, I was floored when Rayna emailed me several months ago and asked if I would submit a couple of pieces to be photographed for her book! Me???? Really??? Me????? It was rather fitting that this one should be included in her book, since Rayna was the one to really introduce me to batik of any manner, and the process using soy wax in particular. So, here is a picture of the picture of my scarf in Rayna's new book:

It's on page 74, in case you want to check it out!

I haven't had a chance to totally read "Create your own hand-printed cloth" yet, but from what I have seen, it is fabulous! There are lots and lots of recipes and helpful hints, and it is chock full of pictures of beautiful pieces. If you don't already have it, treat yourself and get it now...and while you're at it, buy one for a fiber friend of yours: you won't be sorry!


We've had a fun last few days in Atlanta. We drove down on Thursday afternoon and went to the Braves game with our Rector Doug and his wife Judi. Even though the Braves lost, we had a nice time visiting with our friends. Yesterday morning was the Peachtree Road Race. Both C and I had numbers, but I begged off, after he said that he didn't mind if I didn't do it with him. Barker and I took a nice long walk through the nearby neighborhoods and then spent a while cheering on the runners as they ran down Juniper Street, between our old condo and our new one. Barker wasn't too keen on all of the clapping and cheering (I think his ears must be very sensitive), so we went on upstairs and watched the festivities from our windows. Here's how it looked from the 14th floor:

I started knitting a baby cap for a friend of mine, who is due in October:

When C returned, we walked down to Willy's to have lunch. We like the food there, and it is especially nice because Barker can sit on the patio with us...he loves tortilla chips! Then we went to see "Gonzo" the new documentary about Hunter Thompson: extremely interesting!! I had no idea!

Later we walked to Cypress Pint and Plate, where again Barker is allowed on the patio for al fresco dining. It was a pretty evening and the food was great as usual!

I finished the baby hat last night, and have plenty of yarn for booties and perhaps even some little mittens.



Carol said...

So nice that you're published in your friend's beautiful book - it looks really interesting. Your work is lovely so you deserve that. I love that Barker is into al fresco dining - suits that sophisticated look he has. And I'm impressed with your baby hat - makes me realise that my grandbabies (and indeed my own babies) never got anything knitted from me. I can do the occasional boring scarf but otherwise the European knitting gene entirely missed me. xxoo

corryna said...

How wonderful that your work is published in the book. I loved reading this post. If I can buy the book some day, I will. Since I do not have a credit card, it is impossible to buy books at Amazone. Mostly I wait until they are sold at Ebay, because then I can buy it with PayPal.

Karoda said...

hey! congratulations on being in Rayna's book! i'd be so dang green...carrying the book around asking total strangers "hey, you wanna see something?" hehehehe