Monday, July 21, 2008

Rice Paste Resist at Coupeville

Today was Day One of our Rice Paste Resist on Silk class with Akemi Cohn at the Coupeville Art Center on Whidbey Island. Akemi is a warm and knowledgeable teacher, and both Gerrie and I felt very much at ease in class.

Here is Akemi kneeding the rice paste resist 'dough' before steaming it:

the mixture after steaming:

mixing the adid dye to add to the rice paste resist

Gerrie drying her first layer of rice paste resist:

my scarf with layer one of the rice paste resist:

it's late, I'm tired, and so you can look at the pictures and figure out the rest for yourself tonight!



Carol said...

Beautiful place. What you are doing looks a bit like breadmaking (until you added the acid!) but no doubt you'll have an amazing scarf come out of it. Fascinating, all these mysterious processes; keep having a great time. XXOO

Barbara said...

Looks like a wonderful learning experience! Rice paste resist sounds so interesting. Enjoy the rest of your time.


PaMdora said...

Hey, good photo of Geri! Having fun yet? I'm jealous!