Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brand New Do

My friend Bonnie has a black Standard Poodle named Michael. The twosome went on a beach vacation this summer and she had Michael clipped really, really short. She was a bit nervous about how the cut would look, but afterward she told me that she liked the short clip better: it was easier on everyone, especially since Michael loves to play in the surf. Barker isn't much of a swimmer, in fact he never goes in our pool or lake unless he falls in or is chasing the Canada Geese, but he is prone to ear infections, as are many Standards, so I thought the short clip might be just the answer. Besides, with temps in the high 90s during the day, our boy is getting hot!

Here are before (well, last December) and after shots:

Whaddaya think?????

Our Down Under friend Carol asked if Barker did ok while C and I were out galivanting around the Pacific Northwest. Barker thanks her for her concern and reports that he had a nice time staying here at home with his favorite housesitter, and that he was far less anxious this time. He sends many cold, wet and sloppy kisses to all of his friends in Bloggerland.



Gerrie said...

Well, since I am closely cropped (but not because of my ears), I should say that he looks great, but he just doesn't look as regal!! How does Barker like it?

Carol said...

Weeell, he has lost of bit of the regal look, but I think he'll be so much more comfortable now. And after all, regality is just a look, isn't it? At heart he'll be still feeling very regal, and he is still a very handsome boy. Onya Barker XXOO

Anonymous said...

This is my third attempt to say I think Barker looks very handsome. Of course, he IS a standard poodle!
Geiger Cat is determined to disconnect me!Jealous, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Well, Geiger did manage to send that comment before I could say I came via Barnaclegoose!

Anonymous said...

Barker in his new do looks like he just lost his best friend. Or maybe he prefers his Xmas collar to his normal one!