Thursday, August 07, 2008

In My Room

I'm still attempting to readjust to reality, after our wonderful Pacific Northwest vacation. I have been working on a halter top, the fabric for which I dyed and discharged a couple of months ago. In my years of nonsewing garments, zipper installations have changed, and thankfully for the better! WooHoo! So I purchased an invisible zipper foot for my Bernina last week in order to accommodate the Amy Butler pattern, just to discover that invisible zippers can not be found in my little town. I was back in Atlanta this afternoon and found just the color invisible zipper I needed. Here is the dynamic duo:

Hopefully I'll get that sucker installed tomorrow!

I'm still playing around with "Losing Track" and have decided to change the color scheme....again! I haven't sewn anything down yet, but here's how it's lookin':

The tracks are a bit deeper red than they show in the pic, but I'm thinking that they may need to be even deeper/brighter.

Outside my sewing room, the hummers are going crazy over the food. I assume that the babies are all hatched and flying now, as all three of our feeders are busy from sunup to sundown.

While I was trying to photograph that ruby throat, I noticed that the suet feeder just above the hummer feeder was getting a lot of action. Here's a catbird snacking on C's fine suet.

I really have been busy, but in dribs and drabs that probably wouldn't interest you. It seems that I can't be content to work on just one project at a time. I keep thinking that I should do that, but then multitasking takes over, and I forget about it!

Our preacher and his wife have three lovely daughters. Sarah, their 'middle child' recently graduated from the University of Georgia and is spending a year in Tanzania working for the Episcopal Diocese of Tanganyika, which is one of the companion diocese of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. You can read about her experiences here. We're all very proud of you Sarah!



Gerrie said...

Here comes the critiquer!! I think the red is fine, it is being overpowered by the lime green/chartreuse, I think that if you do fewer squares, overlap them a bit. msybe? I like them because they give a nice value change.

Is the halter top for you? Can't wait to see it.

Karoda said...

i saw a quilt in the bird feeder...the brid, flower would make a great screen.

Joyce said...

I think multi-tasking is good. You don't get bored that way.