Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still Losing Track

I am still working on Losing Track, but thankfully I am no longer losing any sleep over it. I am learning, through very constructive comments from so many of you, plus reading more about color and composition. Here is where it stands right now (and probably where it will stay):

I spent a terrific afternoon with Dr Sock yesterday and came home filled with inspiration! My friend Roberta is truly a treasure. I learn so much from her just by being with her. She energizes me and yet calms me.......are the two possible at the same time?

We have been to the local Farmers Market this morning and come home laden with fresh, local corn, beans, 'maters, melons, okra, sweet onions and peppers, eggplant, blueberries and of course Georgia peaches. YUMMMMMM!



Gerrie said...

I really like that background, but what happened to the red tracks? I love the images - very relevant to your theme!

Terry said...

Hi Judy,
This piece has undergone a drastic transition! I like what you have done with it. If you want another 2 cents worth--I think you have a nice graceful curve going with your purple "tracks" but the curve is not complete. I'd like to see it begin to curve back at the bottom--more of an S curve than a C curve. You might find this post on raggedcloth interesting. I wrote it awhile back and the comments and input were great and quite interesting IMO!