Sunday, August 24, 2008

weekend update

C and I had the best time in Atlanta! We enjoyed a fabulous lunch on Friday at the Globe. One of the great perks of our condo's location is that we can walk to so many things, including hundreds of fabulous eateries. I ordered and loved the Grilled Lamb Salad: grilled lamb (very tender) served with sliced celery, mint, feta cheese and pine nuts. C had some sort of pork and pasta dish, which he also devoured and thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, there was no room for dessert! The restaurant is in the new Tech Square area of Midtown, part of the spreading Georgia Tech campus, so there was the constant hustle and bustle of students and much activity. After eating, we wandered into the nearby Barnes and Noble and spent a good bit of time browsing around. Later that afternoon, we walked to the Midtown Arts Cinema and took in "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" Woody Allen's new flick starring among others, Javier Bardem (be still my heart!), whom you may recall I wrote about after seeing the Coen brothers "No Country for Old Men". The sharp contrast between these movies illustrates Bardem's fabulous acting ability!

I think I told you the other day that I had 'dreamed' about grilling some eggplant and tomatoes and putting them on sliced Ciabatta with roasted garlic infused olive oil, and then topping the whole thing with some crumbled feta cheese from Decimal Place Farm. Well, last evening while C was out cutting the grass, I fired up the gas grill, sliced some eggplant and tomatoes, sprayed them with a little olive oil, and started roasting them:

While they were roasting, I was entertained with my new edition of Cloth Paper Scissors
you'll have to turn your head sideways to see the article I was reading! This photo appears correctly in my photo album, but every time I upload it to my blog, Blogger turns it a quarter turn! It's just one of those days in Bloggerland!

Here is my dinner plate once again turned (!):

In case you are wondering, it was yummy! Both C and I ate every last bit!

My latest knitting project is a cotton Shrug for my Mom for Christmas. Since she is in a wheelchair, this shrug will be perfect to keep her arms and shoulders warm next winter. Here's where I'm at:

The pattern isn't that complicated, but I am very challenged by it! It seems that I spend almost as much time ripping out rows as I do knitting them. Sort of like two steps forward and one back! Here's a closeup:

The yarn is Rowan denim 100% cotton, which can be thrown in the washer and dryer: a big hit for me since I do Mom's laundry.

Here is how the Shrug should look when it is finished:
If you decide that you just have to have this pattern, you can get it here.

Well, on the weather front: Fay has now been downgraded to a tropical depression and she may actually (finally) be headed in our direction with a bit of rain. The forecasters certainly have been challenged with this girl! A week ago they were predicting that we would get upwards of 10" of rain yesterday and today........we haven't had a drop yet. I know many of my Florida friends would love to share, and believe me, we would love to have some! I think I'll boogey on out to the studio and work on some tees!


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Carol said...

That eggplant looks delish! Can't wait til I can grow my own, AND heirloom tomatoes which I'm living on at the moment - but they are sooo expensive. Hope Fay behaves for you. Off to work now. XO