Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Filled with HOPE!

I am so filled with HOPE that there will soon be a huge change for the better in the US and the world as I listen each evening to the Democratic National Convention! Michelle Obama spoke so eloquently and so forcefully! She would definitely have my vote if she was running for President! And how about Mark Warner and Bob Casey? I loved hearing them both. Hillary still leaves me a little "eh" but I did like her "No way, no how, no McCain". Our country and the world just cannot endure another 4 years of this same Republican administration! OK, enough of a political rant from this former Republican!

On Monday afternoon I had a bit of studio time, so I applied stripes to this fabric with some thickened print paste. I'm not sure if Barker approves, what do you think?

I also prepared another screen for more deconstructed screen printing. Here's the newspaper that was under the screen:

I'm also filled with HOPE that our drought will be ending. Tropical Depression Fay has been sitting over the top of us for over 24 hours now, just dumping rain down upon us. Here you can see the banks of the creek alongside our house are being flooded by all of the rain. Normally there is a peninsula that juts out into the lake, but it is about to be flooded:

Our little boat dock is engulfed by water. If you look carefully in this picture, you will see our blue canoe behind the tree to the far right. It is about to float away!
One more rainy day picture from my sewing room:
The peninsula is now totally flooded!

The nearby tornado sirens blared the warning that a tornado had been sighted several times yesterday afternoon. I was very glad that C was home with me and Barker. I was prepared to head for the basement shelter, but fortunately never had to do so.

I'm quilting away on this piece of silk that I painted a year or two ago:

I just LOVE the colors!

I'm also filled with HOPE that my curious sinus issues will soon be solved. I had an appointment with my ENT on Monday and after a long examination which showed only a slight deviated septum, he ordered a CT scan of my sinuses, which I had yesterday morning. I will hear the results later in the week. My sinuses have been clogged since last December, so I hope we will get to the root of the problem soon.



Anonymous said...

Judy, I LOVE the piece you are quilting. Enjoy your rain. It looks great.
See you soon, Molly

Gerrie said...

I love that piece, too and the deconstructed image.

I agree about the speeches. Hillary certainly did not take back most of her dissing of Obama from the primary, but at least she rallied her troops to get on board for the big D - Democracy!!

Joyce said...

It is certainly not a drought there now! I totally love the piece you are quilting. The colors are wonderful.

Carol said...

Your silk piece is really beautiful, I look forward to seeing more as it progresses. Good to hear about your rain and see the photos but I do hope you don't have to take to the basement. Barker would hate that as much as you would. I think he's probably wondering whether he'll be put into stripes next. And yes, please, please let your fellow country men/women vote for Obama. XXOO