Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bizzy Daze

The ComplexiTee orders keep rolling in and so I've been busy trying to keep them filled. It really is a lot of fun and I am so happy that folks are enjoying them! I'll show you the three that I delivered today.

This first one is for my friend Karen, who has very similar tastes to my own and enjoys the same bright color palette as I. I had made one for her a month or so ago, but then a friend of hers literally bought the shirt off of her back! So here is number two:

This next one is for Diana, another knitting buddy of mine:

And here is the one I've made for Joey:

Joey wanted hers to have some southwestern Indian motifs and crosses. I just love this little Kokopelli guy playing his flute:

I've done a few more, but haven't had a chance to photograph them. They need to be delivered tomorrow, so I'd better get busy!

Been thinking of a new marketing concept for the tees: many have emailed and called me requesting certain styles of tees that they like and find most comfortable to wear. They are often difficult for me to find, and as you know sizing is really a key issue here. I am going to offer a 10% discount on Complexitee prices when the shirt is supplied by the client. So, if you have a once-white tee that has turned a bit grey, but is still in good shape and oh so comfy, AND you want it in another color, send it my way with some color and design desires and I'll make it happen! I've just finished a lovely linen blouse for my friend Pat....I hope to post a pic of it soon. She loved her white top, but wanted it to have some oooomph. It is now a lovely mix of yellows and oranges with deep greenish-black palm fronds!

And then there's the silk scarf monkey business, which I have sort of let fall by the wayside with my enjoyment of dyeing the tees! I wore one of my scarves to church on Sunday and had forgotten just how much I love the feel of that buttery soft charmeuse next to my skin. So, I started this one, Butterflies and Blossoms:

In the above picture the silk is still wet so the background appears quite bright, but when it had dried it was a lovely peachy color.........but I wanted it to be more of a red. So, this morning I got out the dyes and put a second coat over the peach. I'll show you the results in a day or two. I love this technique, which is called Rozome and was taught to me by Betsy Sterling Benjamin a year ago in a class at Pro Chem.

PEACE, HOPE and remember: NO PALIN!

Oh, yes, and just one more thing: here is a very interesting article written by Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic on the integrity (or lack thereof!) of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain.


Beverly said...

Thanks for the link- it is well written, factual, and details everything that has made me so angry the last couple of weeks, and then some.

And, your Complexitees are great!

Karoda said...

I already have insomnia and I am cruising blogs with the hopes that sleepiness will come...I know if I read the article now I'll be riled up for another couple of hours...I"m just gonna comment now on the beautiful tees and the scarf...I find them relaxing to look it :)

Joyce said...

Your marketing idea is inspired. Now it's up to the client to get a good fit. We are in an election campaign here now too. But, it was called on Sunday and we vote Oct 13 so a short bout of politics for us. Thankfully.