Saturday, September 06, 2008

What's In my Totes n' Baskets???

Cate is sponsoring a "Stash and Tote Giveaway" this weekend, and since I live my life with one foot in the condo and the other in our lake house, I thought it might be interesting to take a peek inside my bulging traveling companions and show you the projects that I'm currently transporting to and from Atlanta.

When we leave home for the city, I'm always eagerly anticipating a couple of days of exploring new museum exhibits, restaurants, shops and art supply stores, and I'm also hoping for a bit more 'down time' when I can read my arty/crafty magazines and books, knit a bit more than my home life allows, carve stamps and maybe even sketch and paint with my watercolor pencils. This morning when I read Cate's blog, I looked to the left of my self-appointed side of the loveseat and here's what was residing there:

The black chicken tote (pattern courtesy of Emily Parson) contains the lovely Rowan cotton shrug that I'm knitting for my Mom for Christmas. (Please take special note that I have finished the first arm and it is waiting anxiously on a stitch-keeper for it's companion. I will start that this evening, God willing and the creek don't rise.....literally!) In the basket to the right is a shawl that I'm knitting out of torn strips of my hand-dyed silks. It is a no-brainer so is especially appealing in the evenings during or after a glass of wine. The tote in the front has a baby sock which I just started last night before K & D arrived to join us for dinner out on the town. It is a very easy pattern and the baby isn't due until October, so I'm in good shape!

Across the room, calling my name, is this other great canvas tote that I purchased years ago during a summer vacation on Squam Lake (notice the upside down Loon on the pocket?).

This bag goes with me on every road trip because of its great pockets and sturdy construction. The front pocket always contains my little moleskin sketchbook, a couple of sketching pens and watercolor pencils. You just never know when the mood will strike! What else do you spy? Hmmmm, lemme see now: there's the latest issues of both Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts, plus my trusty Speedball lino carver and my latest acquisition: Linda and Laura Kemshell's The Painted Quilt. The only thing that you can't see spilling out of this ever overflowing bag is my trusty Canon PowerShot......because I had to use it to snap the picture!

My friend Bobbie says that I lead a charmed life, and I have to agree with her! I am blessed and surrounded by a loving family and wonderful and supportive friends. I am never bored and the world around me never ceases to excite me and fill me with new ideas and possibilities.

On a closing note, I want to leave you with this link to an outstanding article written by Gloria Steinem for the LA Times, entitled "Palin: wrong woman, wrong message". Thanks to my cousin Jinny for forwarding it to me.


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