Sunday, October 05, 2008

and the answer is:

Yes: those were pomegranate seeds! I had the best time making Cherry-Pomegranate Chutney as part of our hors d'oeuvres for our church group dinner party. You can get the recipe here.

This poor little fruit traveled all the way from California to Georgia, and I feared it was a little worse for wear, but it was actually fine when I cut into it.

Here is the chutney as it cooked on the stove:

After the mixture of spices and dark sweet cherries thickened, I removed it from the heat and added the pomegranate seeds:

I have to admit, that I was not looking forward to extracting the seeds from the white membrane, but after reading the helpful hint about submerging the fruit in a bowl of water and letting the seeds sink to the bottom while the membrane rose to the top, it was an easy process.
And the verdict is: The chutney is delish and the process was a snap, so what's not to like??

We went to see Big River at the Balzer Theater in downtown Atlanta yesterday. Fantastic!! I urge you to follow my link and listen to director Heidi Cline and some of the principal actors discuss this fabulous musical. We were fortunate enough to have front row seats and we did indeed feel like jumping in with the dancing and singing! Being there and experiencing that upbeat musical was just the tonic I needed to raise my spirits! This afternoon we are going to an organ concert, the High Museum, and then out to dinner with friends. It's a lovely weekend in the city!



Gerrie said...

The cross section of the pom looks like the one I did at Coupeville!! This sounds yummy. Is the organ concert part of the big organ concert across America?

Deb said...

My husband brought me home a pomegranate from Publix the other day and it was pitiful looking. On opening it, almost half was brown and gushy. Poor things have had a rough season this year, where ever they came from.