Saturday, October 04, 2008

'Member Me??

I'm not sure if it was this or this:

that sent me into my most recent tailspin, but I experienced a long, drawn out pity party that was hard to shake. Not only was my part of the country feeling the drought and also the gasoline shortage brought on by Ike, but being a Democrat and devout Obama/Biden supporter in this red state was making me a bit crazy. So I busied myself with other things, mostly watching MSNBC (and yes, becoming a Keith Olberman groupie!), dyeing a few things, and also preparing for our church dinner group to descend upon us (p.s.: the kitchen works very well and I love cooking in it! WooHoo!!!).

Here we were trying to get some petrol on our drive home from Atlanta last weekend:

No, we were not 'topping off' our tank, but simply trying to get enough fuel to make it home without another stop.

The lines and the waits weren't fun, but I am happy to report that much of that appears to be behind us now.

And the Biden/Palin debate was very interesting indeed! My new hero Keith has some comical comparisons with Palin and W, if you haven't already seen them. Go here to #4 for more on that.

My recounting of our road trip to Ft Worth was cut short, and I've been looking over a few of the pics I took. Here's a bit of the carpet in the lovely Marriott Resort where we stayed on our last night on the road in Florence, AL:

Now here's one for ya (eeeew, am I soundin' like Sarah???):

Can you tell me what that is???? Go on, I dare ya!



Gerrie said...

well, we were all wondering what you were up to. Those are pomegranate seeds. Sorry about all your angst, but glad you have become a Keith convert!!

Beverly said...

I'll arm wrestle you for the dubious honor of living in the reddest state- I didn't think they came any redder than Utah. We got rain this weekend, so my Obama
sign will be going up in my yard, now that the ground will be soft enough to sink it in!

imquilternity said...

I agree...I love Keith too, and Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow. They are all GREAT!

I live in a BLUE state but my neighborhood is RED, so I know how frustrating (and lonely) it can be.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Pomegranate seeds, I believe.

Anonymous said...

those are lovely pomegrante seeds...they are delic.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

About Sarah P. Have you seen this on You Tube?

or this?

Scary in my opinion. Hope she never comes to the White House!!!

Hugs (kramar) from Sweden/Eva