Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day in My Life.......well, ok, make it 4 days!

The window washer returned to the Metropolis on Saturday morning...I could tell as soon as I got up and saw the big thick ropes dangling down in front of my view of Stone Mountain. I was excited, but so was Barker: he needed to go for his walk. Well, as luck would have it, once again Spidey seemed to wait on our return:

I was sitting checking my emails and reading my blogs when he suddenly appeared in front of our livingroom window!

Now, a totally different view from another livingroom window here in GainesVegas:

I took the above pic yesterday (Monday October 20th) morning. I love it when the steam is rising off of the lake. Big Blue, our resident Great Blue Heron, is all hunkered down, trying to stay warm.....our low was 46.

Speaking of livingroom windows, I heard a loud knock on one of our sliders this afternoon, and darned if this little fellow wasn't down on the patio when I turned around.
I just hate it when that happens! Most of you will recognize this as our Northern Cardinal, a very lovely bird, but also one that we here in the states tend to take for granted. I remember a few years ago when we had visitors from Cornwall dining with us and they were so captivated by our Cardinals. I do think they are lovely. I took several pictures of this young guy, and may use them for a quilt in the future. So sorry that we lost him, but there are dozens more at our feeders every day.

I decided to take you along on our evening golf course walk. We do this every evening that we are home....mainly to give Barker a bit more exercise (one of us takes him about 4 miles on the cart paths every morning), but also to enjoy the evening just before the sun sets. It is getting earlier and earlier now that Fall is upon us.

So, here is Barker Baby playing with a pine cone. It doesn't take much to amuse him!

Barker has just turned six, but he still acts like a puppy:

Whew, he has finally settled down long enough for a photo op:

My favorite hole on the lake...it will take your breath away at sunrise:

Autumn is upon us:

Somebody forgot to tell this honeysuckle that it is about to get really, really cold here!

If you haven't already read the blog post of my friend Beverly, I want to recommend it to you. She is one brave soul: traveling from Utah to Colorado for the weekend to stump for Obama! I am so proud of her!!!


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Lora Martin said...

Thanks for sharing your four days! That Barker is one handsome guy to have around the house, isn't he?