Friday, October 17, 2008

Spidey Visits the Metropolis

When I got up this morning, I saw a long, thick rope dangling down in front of the window where our little dining table sits. I was so excited: we hadn't missed the window washers after all!!! I grabbed my camera and went out onto our deck to snap a pic:

I couldn't have that job for all of the money in the world! No way!!

And there he dangled right in front of us, just a minute or two later:

He is quite thorough and very methodical in his work, never stopping to pose for me or even smile!

When we returned from walking Barker, Spidey had moved over to the next row of windows, and had already done our bedroom. I snapped this photo of him from the other end of our little balcony.

Then I noticed more activity down on the amenity level:

The gardeners are changing out the seasonal plantings, adding pansies and ornamental kale and cabbage, which will last until Spring. Part of me says that I could live this life all of the time, never again having to lift a trowel or shovel in any garden and not missing it for a moment, but another part still enjoys diggin' in the dirt! I guess I'm not really ready for full time condo living.

In my long and rather pictorial post last night, I forgot to add this photo of perhaps my all time favorite new scarf, October Sky:

I really, really love it! The blue is more intense than it shows here, and the colors in the leaves really do sparkle.

It is available at "Occasions by John & Troy", the new shop just off the square in GainesVegas.



Lora Martin said...

All of your work has been beautiful! Love your Wild Onion Jacket - it never occurred to me it could be done without any batting at all.

And the scarf is perfectly autumn!

Gerrie said...

I am so glad you got to watch the window wiper do his acrobatics. That is another gorgeous scarf.

Jeannie said...

Dangling how many stories to wash windows? - Not me, no way, no how! I love how the leaves glow on your scarf. Have a great weekend.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

You are sooo talented!
Love the scarf!
Beautiful colors!

Love and hugs

Joyce said...

I'd have trouble even looking out the window,never mind dangling by a rope! The scarf is lovely.

Carol said...

Really beautiful scarf. Hmmn, dangling all that way above the ground - I don't think so, though the clean windows would be a plus for me. Wish I had someone to do it. Keep digging in your garden, Judy, I'm sure it's good for your soul. And gosh, Obama's spending lots of money - I should jolly well hope so, anything to get rid of the dreadful opposition. OOXX

Plain Jane said...

October Sky, perfect name for a beautiful scarf.

linda stokes said...

Fabulous jacket Judy! Your scarves are beautiful too.