Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hitting the Ground Running

We were up dark and early this morning (I cannot believe it is Fall again already, can you??), and Barker and I were out on the golf course even before the first golfers! I do enjoy the cooler temps, and also getting to watch the sun rise as we walk.

After breakfast I headed out to the studio and hung my batched Wild Onion jacket fabric out on the line to dry. Here are the two together:

I made some stamps and some screens later in the morning and when the jacket fabric was dry, I ironed it and then put a large batch of things into the steamer to cook their brains out for a while! The weather forecasters tell us that we may actually see some rain tomorrow, so I have finished up all of my outside work, and if there is time, I'll be working inside. However, my Mom has an appointment with the Dentist right after lunch, so my time will be cut short. Also, I'm getting together with Joanie, one of my best friends, for lunch at our favorite haunt!

Here is another Complexitee that I have just finished up for the November Festival of the Arts show at our church. I will have a little table of things for sale there. The neat thing is that at least 10% (and we can designate more) of the proceeds from our sales goes directly to the Quinlan Art Center as a scholarship for children to attend art camp!



For dinner, C is smoking a tuna steak and I am fixing some oven roasted sweet potatoes and okra (not together, but both oven-roasted!), plus a spinach salad.
That and a little Pellagrino ought to tide us over!

I hope you will be joining me to watch the Presidential Debate this evening. I hope that Sen McCain will not get too nasty tonight, but if he does, I hope that Sen Obama will keep his cool and simply state the facts. Now that the polls are showing Obama in the lead, McCain probably needs to attack, but I just hate that conflict business!



Beverly said...

I've got the debate on while I catch up on email. Yes, he seems to be behaving himself, sort of- my desire to reach through the TV and slap him is less tonight!

My Obama/Biden sign is proudly displayed in the front yard,where it will rest for the next month.

Oh, and your Complexitees are gorgeous,I may have to send my kids a link with a hint.

Gerrie said...

Another gorgeous Complexitee!! And Obama wins another one!!

Karoda said...

you are rockin' with the tees!!!! and yes, i cannot believe it is fall! the cooler temps I'm digging but the night falling early just sucks!

queenopearls said...

Fabu tee again! Wowzers. And President Obama ... yeah baybee. Love the complex cloth RR fabric too.