Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Pardon me, Senator McCain, but it's THIS ONE:

Barack Obama

maybe you should just refer to him as Mr. President!!!



Carol said...

I've climbed over the heaps of packed boxes in every room to get to my computer to tell you that I watched the debate as I packed and I think Obama so outclassed that awful old man with his backward and dangerous beliefs. Barak is Mr President in my book. Please let it happen...

Your tees are gorgeous. I've had days to catch up with your activities and you cheer me up so much. XXOO

carol reed/slowCOLOR said...

Damn straight!!! Good news: it's starting to look like there's no way grampa can catch up and win. Don't even start me on that puppet girl running with him.

Barbara said...

I'm will you Judy! McCain looked like a thug. If I heard 'my friends' one more time...

Anyway Mr. President sound right to me.

Hope you are enjoying fall.


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good looking man ‘That One’ on the picture ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for him!
I can't stand the voice of that Sarah P. It's sooo squeaky, agonising and irritating.

Kram (hug) from Sweden and me!