Thursday, November 20, 2008

38 years tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our 38th wedding anniversary! WOW!!! C is one persistent devil, isn't he? LOL Anyway, I worked late in the studio this evening, and when I came inside I found these on the kitchen counter:

aren't they gorgeous?!! There's something about long stemmed roses that just wins over my heart!

I'm taking a monoprinting class on line with Susan Sorrell. In our first lesson we were supposed to do sunprinting, but I haven't seen a lot of sun lately, or warm temps for that matter, so I opted for the glue gel resist option, which I had not tried before:

In Lesson 2, we are working on Frottage (rubbing) Printing using plexiglass and collagraphs. It was quite ironic that C should return home this afternoon with 2 large slabs of plexigraph scraps for me! What a guy!!! He was surprising me, and I surprised him when I told him that they were just what I needed for this class.

I was having a bit of a problem with the amount of paint to apply to the plexiglass, but even with that said, I really like the way this one turned out:

Back in the summer, a friend on the Complex Cloth group walked me through the process of making collagraphs. I made them but never used today was a first! TaDa!!! Here is my pine baugh monoprint:

After I had ironed it, I put it on top of a texture plate and brayered some paint over it:

I also made this holly collagraph:

Here are a couple of brayered textile plates:

The above are by no means masterpieces, but I can see so many places where I will use these new techniques! Thanks Susan!!



Gerrie said...

Congrats to you two love birds. The roses are beautiful. I can't remember the last time I got flowers from Mr C. He just isn't that kind of guy. I buy myself flowers so I am taken care of. Have fun with your class!

teodo said...

Gongratulations and happy Anniversary.
38 years are a long and great walk together.
ciao ciao

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary! You look like you are having a very productive time right now.

PaMdora said...

Congrats! In this day and age that's a wonderful accomplishment. I tried a little mono-printing in my studio last winter but it was too cold in my paint area, said I'd do it in the summer, but look now it's already Nov. again and didn't get it done. Hope you fair better:)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kram Eva

Beverly said...

Happy anniversary, Judy- it is a remarkable feat these days. The flowers are lovely, you are lucky to have such a thoughtful guy around!

The scarves you've been posting are delicious. My order just got here from Dharma, so maybe Thanksgiving weekend I'll start playing.

Jeannie said...

Happy Anniversary! The roses are beautiful. Don't you just love it when hubbies bring home timely supprises. I really like what you have done in your class and it looks like fun. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so happy you've been part of our family for so many years, and I'm glad you and C still care so much for each other. Congratulations!

Terry said...

I had forgotten that we have the same anniversary and the same number of years! Happy anniversary a day late. We forgot our anniversary! I noticed the date this morning and went, "Yesterday was our anniversary!" Ray was as shocked as I.

Margarita Korioth said...

felicitaciones Judy! Happy Anniversary!

Lora Martin said...

Happy Anniversary! What a joy to have been able to spend 38 years with a man who sounds so great. I wish you many, many returns of the day.

Love the stuff you've been working on lately.