Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's chilly here in the South: 22 when we walked Barker this morning!

A glue gel resist piece that I'm working on:

Is it bright enough for you????

It was still wet when I took this pic. After it dries I will iron it to set the colors, then soak it in a bit of water to remove the glue gel, then let it dry, and finally iron it once more....then, who knows!

I love Garrison Keillor and always feel lucky when I'm listening to NPR and the Writer's Almanac airs. Yesterday happened to be one of those lucky days. Did you know that Keillor has a Writer's Almanac web site? Did you know that the pilgrims landed in Provincetown, MA in 1620 on my wedding anniversary? That is rather coincidental, as that is where C and I had our honeymoon! I loved his reading of Robert Fanning's poem, "A Deer in the Target".

Thanks for all of your anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful dinner out with K & D at the Depot. It was so nice being with our kids that we enjoyed brunch with them this morning!

Enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hi Judy -
Yes the gell resist piece is bright enough for me - its wonderful

Karoda said...

Ah, shot, I'm always late (and a dollar short) but happy to hear you had some fun for your anniversary! Here's to another 38 years together!