Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Labor of Love

What takes six bowls and four and a half hours to construct?

Give up?

Why, my Kentucky Bourbon Fruit Cake, of course!

I was all set to begin plumping up the candied cherries and raisins last night, when we discovered that we were plum out of bourbon! YIKES!!!! Can't make a Kentucky Bourbon Fruit Cake without it, now can you? So C contributed to this year's production by making a trip out in the cold rainy night to our local bottle man. Here are the fruits being strained, after 12 hours of plumping:

fear not: the strained bourbon is later added to the batter!

I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of preparing this fruit cake (especially in my new kitchen, which I am happy to report is an absolute delight to cook in!): the chopping (1 pound of pecans), the creaming (1-1/2 cups butter, 2-1/3 cups dark brown sugar, 2-1/3 cups white sugar), the sifting (5 cups cake flour), and the beating (6 eggs, separated).

So, here's the batter, all set to be popped into the oven (275) for 3-1/2 hours!

That's just a small portion of the dirty dishes!

After the baking is complete (and the kitchen smells oh so good!), the cake must cool, and then a bourbon infused wad of cheese cloth is popped down into the center and the whole thing is wrapped in aluminum foil, refrigerated, and left to its own self for a month. MMMMMMM!

Ooooooooops: I forgot to take a final photo!!! Sorry!!!! You'll just have to wait a month!!

So, tell me, do you like fruit cake? If not, I want to know what it is that you find disagreeable? And then, please do come by sometime after December 25th for a tiny slice of my lovely concoction, for I'm sure you'll change your mind!

I did have a bit of time (but not much) in the studio late this afternoon, but still don't have enough to show. Tomorrow????

C and I have been enjoying the Two Fat Ladies cooking videos. Are you familiar with them? They are hilarious (although I am sad to learn that Jennifer has died), the scenery is beautiful, and of course, the cooking is great! Right now they are watching a bee man separate honey from the comb. MMMMMM!

With all this talk of food, and the fast approaching Turkey Day, I thought this Maxine comic from my friend Bobbie was most appropriate:



Rayna said...

Fruit cake can be fabulous or horrid - I've had both kinds and prefer the former - LOL. Years ago, I used to make a bourbon one, too. But these days, just give me my own pecan pie and I'm happy.
Happy T-giving!

Gerrie said...

I love fruitcake, but it can't have any of the candied green and red stuff. I use apricots, almonds, raising, dried cherries, etc. I use sherry to soak mine after it has baked. It is so high in calories, but so good.

I'm so glad you are enjoying your kitchen.

Jeannie said...

Mmmmm! A slice of fruitcake with sweet butter! Christmas memories! I have never made it by myself, but that recipe was a family tradition with my Gram, Mom, and me in the kitchen. Thanks for the memories. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Joyce said...

I love fruitcake but nobody else in my family does so I never make it. I'd have to eat it all myself. Lol. Yours looks like real diet food with all that butter and eggs. yummy.

Beverly said...

Mmmm, apparently my Georgia born grandmother never made any of the wonderful recipes for fruitcake, because the only kind I remember is the horrid. Of course, she would have swooned at the idea of bourbon, that stuff never crossed her lips!

I must admit Gerrie's idea of the dried fruit sounds intriguing, I'm not much for candied fruit either.

Terry said...

Mmmmm love fruitcake, especially if it is more fruit than cake and very moist. I love the candied red and green things and dried fruit and lots of pecans and especially candied orange peel in mine. Yours looks divine. Bourbon--oh boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, Happy Belated Turkey Day and Happy Belated Anniversary! We used to watch The Two Fat Ladies when on PBS. I wish they would bring it back. We loved it! Do you own Videos of their shows? Mike bought me to the Manor Born DVD's a few years ago. Have you ever watched them. We also have Good neighbors. I love PBS Brit Coms. I love the beautiful piece w/ pink flower, and the clever luggage tags, what good use of left over materials. Take care, LOve Becky