Monday, November 03, 2008

The Sad, the Good & the Ugly

We heard the sad, sad news this evening that Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham had lost her battle with cancer. I'm happy that she is no longer suffering, but I am so darned sad that she won't be here to share her grandson's happiness when he wins the Presidential Election.

Godspeed, Mrs. Dunham, you raised a fine, fine man!

Our church's Festival of the Arts opened with a bang at Saturday night's Preview Party. The Parish Hall was packed with friends, family, and others who just wanted to have first pick of some awesome art. C and I picked up several wonderful pieces and I can't wait 'till we can bring them home!

Here's a wonderful folk art piece done by our friend Durwood Pepper:

and a little more detail of the 'Obama side':

(forget the wine glass, it isn't part of Durwood's piece!)

My friend Faye made this table! Awesome lady!! Awesome table!!!

I took most of my pics after the crowds had left, but I did manage to snap a few with people in them:

We bought a beautiful Ambrosia Maple Cup which was turned by our friend Mike, on the right. Here he and Chuck are talking wood turning:

Here are some beautiful oils and watercolors:
Below are a few of our friend Robin's fantastic collages, plus an angel photograph by our friend Barbara, and others:

These are three pieces by Rachel, a young and incredible artiste. I am particularly drawn to the bright red piece on the bottom:

As for the Ugly, we are listening to Tracy Kidder's latest book "Mountains Beyond Mountains" on C's iPod. Hold on, and I'll get to Ugly! Kidder is writing about Dr. Paul Farmer an incredible man who is an anthropologist, a physician and a professor at Harvard Medical School. Farmer spends 3/4 of his life in Haiti treating the sick and poor, many infected with HIV and TB. All of his paycheck goes to the foundation he formed to treat those Haitians. He is a kind, kind man. I'm afraid that I cannot quote him exactly, but what really grabbed me was when Farmer talked about why he does what he does. He says that the difference between man and a cockroach is man's ability to reach out and help his fellow man. So, would you call this man a cockroach?

He really, really seems to have a problem with Obama's 'redistribution' of the wealth. Is it so wrong to help your fellow man?


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