Saturday, November 01, 2008

79 Days

79 Days you ask? What in tarnation is she talking about???? Tuesday is election day and this is Saturday, so there are only 3 more days. Well, yes, you are correct about that, HOWEVER, there are only 79 more days of George W. Bush's idiotic regime. Do you want to continue on with yet another 4 more years of this kind of politics in not only the United States but also the world, or would you prefer a more intelligent administration, with a bit more fairness for all? I'm not talking about socialism or naziism, I'm talking about love, and understanding and just plain playing our parents taught us, remember?

I love this:

If you haven't voted, watch and listen carefully to the link, then go vote what your heart and mind tell you is the right way to vote........the honorable and intelligent way to vote. Yes, we're all hockey moms (if you haven't see it, this link is a sad sorta funny one!) in our own way, but we can also be intelligent hockey moms, and realize that we need leaders who may actually have a better understanding of how to run this country than Joe the Plumber!

Phew, got that off my chest!

C took this picture of our lake yesterday........

now I'm going to go get to work in my studio, and perhaps look up every now and then and enjoy the colors!

Oh, and one more thing: if you happen to be in GainesVegas this evening between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM, stop by Grace Episcopal Church and enjoy the Festival of the Arts Preview Party. You will be impressed....and maybe even get some Christmas shopping done!



Miles Johnson said...

Good Morning!
Blog-hopped over here by way of Beverly over at Fiberhart. Thanks for sharing your cyber-voice to the rest of the world.

Karoda said...

what??? you can't see Russia from your house either?

judy, if i start getting things off my chest about this Bushit administration and McCain's campaign strategies it would get ugly and twisted up in here!

But to keep it upbeat!!! ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!! ;0 I'm getting to the poll before it even opens...might have to camp out in my car!