Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Calm After the Storm:

Yesterday was our traditional Boxing Day Bash, although a day late. We had some of our friends over for a lively afternoon of food and craziness. It's a great way to wind down after the holidays and just enjoy the pleasure of one another's company. Our friends bring a dish, we supply the meat (in this case two smoked hams and one smoked boneless turkey breast), rolls, condiments and wine. We are blessed with fine friends who love to party and cook...what could be better? Our friend S was snapping photos left and right, so I am hoping that she will either post them on her blog or email them to me soon, so that I can share some of them with you.

K and D spent the night, along with our grand doggies Marley and Tucker, and this morning we were up early and out walking on the golf course, as the forecast is for heavy rain most of the day. C whipped up breakfast: some french toast, using left over split potato rolls (we all agreed that this is a new delicacy!) and we also enjoyed some sauteed smoked ham: YUMMMMA!!!!

Now we are settled in to a relaxing morning:

K working on a jigsaw puzzle that she and D gave us for Christmas

D reading a New Yorker

Marley snuggled up in his bed

Tucker in his bed, chewing on Barker's bone

Barker watching Tucker



Gerrie said...

Barker has a spiritual quality about him, as if he is watching over his charges to make sure every one is safe and happy.

Eva said...

What a beautiful living room! The big windows, a fireplace -- I love it!

Carol said...

22 days! I guess we can wait that long. I love seeing all the dogs, and Barker certainly does have a very thoughtful look - such a handsome boy. Is he really happy to have Tucker & Marley there or was he silently chanting a mantra - "take them hoooome..."?

Barbara said...

Sounds simply divine!


Elizabeth said...

Barker is such a wonderful host!!!! My dogs would not be so solicitous of their guest!! Did you see 60 Minutes last night?? They did a full hour with recaps of all of the Obama interviews- It makes me cry and I feel trills of excitement everytime I see this stuff!! Be sure to pick up an issue of Time's Man Of the Year with Barack on the cover. There are some fabulous pictures of artwork that people have done to express their Hope and Joy!! It is really a fabulous issue!!!
Big Hugs!